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Bread Olives

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Hi I'd like to share with you all my Bread with Olives recipe. I'm new to, just discovered it with the links from here that the recipe got on my blog.

Bread with Olives

Bread with Olives

This is a recipe for a bread famous with my family and friends. It comes with a small story: 10 years ago when I moved to work in Buenos Aires we celebrated a year going out with my girlfriend Carolina (now my wife), and had a fancy dinner in a great Hotel (Alvear Palace) with diamond ring... and all,... Well, the restaurant (Le BourguiƱone) has this wonderful bread with olives... but they wouldn't share the recipe...
It took me about 6 trials to get it really close, I believe the current version of the recipe yields a bread that's as good as the original or better. As I'm not in the restaurant business I'm ready to share the recipe of this tasty bread with the world...

Here is the whole recipe.

Hope you enjoy it. I will be posting a couple more (garlic, bacon and onion) in the next few days.


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