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Bread bowls

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Advice for repairing antique wooden kneading bowl- removing wood filler (ouch!)

November 11, 2009 - 1:52pm -- fixerupper

I recently inherited (pinched, I mean) a beautiful antique wooden bread kneading bowl from my mother. I've recently begun to start making bread, so the timing was fortuitous. My mom tells me it's very old, she and dad got it for a wedding gift (40 years ago!). She used it when I was a kid for salad and serving. It's in good condition, without splits or cracks from drying out... except for the worm holes....


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Wooden Mixing / Kneading Bowls - Type of Wood

May 11, 2009 - 9:50am -- S. Allen

New to Fresh Loaf and have surfed through topics but have not found an answer to the following. If looking to buy an unfinished bowl for kneading/rising, any woods that should be avoided? Any preferences out there? Don't need sources as I already have plenty (and have the tools, equipment, and skills to make my own). My mother had a great bowl for years but it finally warped and split. Unfortunately, it was tossed before I could get ahold of it and attempt repairs.





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Hallo Paula,

Here in Australia we have two magazines Earth Garden and Grass Roots which sometimes have recipes for bread making ( among other topics for folk trying to be more self sufficient) and how to "make do". Perhaps in USA there is a similar magazine or web site that wil help you with your query.

Best wishes, Abigail

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