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Bread baking times?

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adjust peter reinhearts pumpernickel bagels recipe for mini bagels

February 24, 2013 - 10:31am -- mrgnlit

So I am in a quest to make bite sized bagels but I have some questions about the baking time The original recipe makes 6-7 bagels at 4.5 oz each and bakes at 450 oven (lowered from 500 just before baking) for 25-30 minutes. How small can I get away with here? I was thinking I. The ballpark of 16-20? Maybe more?

Also if I want to do this how much should I adjust the baking time/temperature 

How much will this impact the moisture of the end product also? I know making things smaller can dry them out but I'm hoping with the adjustments they will not be bricks.

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White Loaf

August 29, 2012 - 6:46am -- Mrsmogs

I am new to bread making, just got Kenwood Chef and am trying to perfect my loaf! I am struggling with the baking.  I am trying to cook a loaf made with 900g flour in a 21b tin.  How long does anyone think this should take in a fan assisted oven and what temperature would anyone recommend? I am finding to get the bread completely baked the outside is far too crisipy.  I am baking on 180 c.  

Thank you :0)

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