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Shaping boules

January 28, 2008 - 5:36pm -- ryan

Hi Everyone,

 I'm currently baking a country levain raised bread. Every time I shape it the seam always seems to come apart. Does anyone else have this problem, and potentially a solution?

During my bulk ferment I do lightly oil the dough (is this detremental to shaping). 

I shape it and bench it for 15 minutes before final shaping. I do let it rise in a banneton.

 Thanks for your help and happy baking,



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Here's a great Boule Recipe with Technique that will Produce a Very Nice Home Loaf

December 28, 2007 - 12:47pm -- lisah

To start, I swear by my equipment and cannot bake a good artisan loaf without these.  They are well worth the investment.  1) La Cloche (Can buy through King Arthur Flour) 2) High Gluten Flour (A good source is Honeyvillie Flour - Artisan Flour - they mail order and it is very inexpensive in a 50 pound bag).  3) Dough rising bucket - mine's from King Arthur) 4) a really good starter that has been maintained (I bought mine originally from King Arthur - but I also have a home grown version that works just as well).


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