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A good bostock turns my day around 180 degrees. From wrong to right, goodbye to hello, ok to fan-freaking-tastic.

Just yesterday happened to be one of those times I needed a bostock to help me out. While my other classmates are out and having fun during spring break, I am still at home baking each morning at  3 a.m. for work (and home!), trying to catch up on arranging our new apartment, and getting an early start with semester end projects. Not really much of a spring break, considering it is still in the thirties outside too!

Enough idle chit-chat though. Bring on the pastries. For the brioche I used the Culinary Institute of America's "advanced brioche" recipe, which is really just a nice 60% butter brioche. I scaled the recipe to make 12-2oz rolls to fit in my muffin tray. Soaked the baked mini-brioches in an orange simple syrup with a bit of Mount Gay rum added to it (wish I had more cointreau), topped with an almond frangipane and one whole almond, baked at 400 for 18 minutes, dusted with powdered sugar and snarfed down asap.


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Fiance asked me after finishing the first one and holding a second one in her hand, "How many did you say we could keep?"

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