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Bosch Mixer

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New, disappointed Bosch Universal Plus Owner

May 2, 2011 - 5:53pm -- rustleinthehedgerow

Okay, first off, I don't have an axe to grind. I'm proud of my German ancestry, love German engineering, drive BMWs, own and love my Bosch dishwasher and Bosch superautomatic coffee machine. I ordered the Bosch Universal Plus because I am an avid bread and pizza maker and got tired of mixing multiple batches of dough in my Kenwood K800 for many-loaf bakes and for pizza parties. (Last year I built an outdoor, wood-fired oven for these big bakes and parties, the most fun project I've ever undertaken, but that's another story.)

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Recommendations needed for multi-use mixer

November 21, 2010 - 6:23am -- judyjudyjudy

I've been searching through the archives to help make a decision about getting a more robust mixer. I'm hoping someone might be able to share some insight. In addition to making bread, I make large batches of other heavy doughs (granola bars, cookie dough). From all that I've read here, it seems like either the Bosch Universal or Electrolux DLX would fit the bill. I'm leaning towards the Bosch, but would be very grateful to hear about others' experiences with non-bread dough.

Many thanks in advance!

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Bosch Mixer

October 13, 2010 - 3:08pm -- larryguy

Hi new here I'm thinking of getting the Bosch mixer, have a KA  that striped gears 2nd one I don't do bread but cookies, cakes. I've read that it doesn't do well on small things, I also want to do mashed potatoes will this do good for me, or any better ideas. I've been all over the web on this  and this mixer sounds like a good one, but read so so on small  loads, any feed back

Thanks Larry

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