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Blog link problems, which made me a little mad!

October 16, 2009 - 6:58am -- Erzsebet Gilbert

Hey to everybody, anybody -

This isn't a bread concern, but just personal, and something that sort of irritated me - on my TFL profile, I'd posted a link to my own external blog, but checking up on my account discovered that somehow a website with which I'm not at all associated - a bible sales corporation - had somehow pirated the link. No idea how - has this happened to anybody else here?

I think I've corrected the problem, but if anybody's interested, my real blog is

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Technical ?: Accessing Blogs and Download of Photos

April 4, 2008 - 7:50am -- CountryBoy

Question #1-Could someone please explain how to access the Blogs. Yes, I know the Icon on the top of the page and then when I go to blogs there are numbers of pages at the bottom...1,2,3,4,... but is there a subject or author index of Blogs and recent entries?  The recent blog entries on the front page lower left does not list one by bwraith and we correspond regularly.  Is the only way to access blogs is to go page1, page 2, page3....

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