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Biga Poolish Pate Fermentee

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Tired of imperial measurements? Check out my new blog.

December 9, 2009 - 8:27am -- milwaukeecooking

I have just started a blog and I am looking for feedback on recipes and other people to try my recipes.  I will have lots of pictures and lots of recipes.  I use baker's percents and scale all of my ingredients.  So, if you are looking for recipes that follow the metric system look no further.  If you also have a blog I will gladly check it out and follow you.  Comments are always appreciated and fun to find.

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Biga/Poolish/Pate Fermentee - why knead?

January 20, 2008 - 10:21am -- woefulbaker


Reading Reinhart BBA etc. regarding Biga and Pate Fermentee (not so much Poolish) I noticed that the preparation of these preferments involve kneading and proofing much the same as you would for any final dough.

Since I presume neither gluten nor  trapping carbon dioxide, bulk/volume are major concerns for a preferment, why are these stages of kneading, proofing and degassing necessary in a preferment?   Is this something I also need to do with poolish? (I don't think I've ever successfully had a poolish 'double in volume' btw).

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