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a big thank you to Janetcook and dabrownman

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After help and guidance from Janetcook and dabrownman with my starter and baking I have now adopted some procedures to follow in maintaining my starter, building the starter and baking. As a believer in not plagiarising others hard work a thought I would share what I am now doing and salute the guide behind the advice.

To maintain my starter I have adopted the following from dabrownman:

10 g               STARTER AT 60%      50 g
20 g               WATER                          6 g
20 g               FLOUR                        24 g
50 g               TOTAL                         80 g

Take 10g of 60% hydro starter add 20g of flour and 20g of water and let it double at 90% hydration AT 70f

Then add 6g of water and 24g of flour to it and then refrigerating it at 80grams total and 60% hydration.


to build the starter i use the adviece from Janetcook:
5 g                   STARTER          30 g
10 g                WATER              60 g
15 g                FLOUR               90 g
30 g                TOTAL             180 g

Take 5g of stored starter and feed it 10g of water and 15g of flour (5:10:15)

Let it ripen and note how long it takes to do so.

Next build would be 30:60:90 giving your 180g of sourdough.

i then use 2 large spoonfuls and add it to my sponge ingredients and let it sit overnight at 70°.

it takes 6 hours for both stages.


i froze some 60% starter and to bring it back to life i use the method suggested by dabrownman:

20 g              STARTER
40 g             WATER
40 g             FLOUR
100 g          TOTAL

Don't forget to freeze 20g of starter (60% hydro) just in case you kill the one you are using or use it all like I have done by mistake. You can always take it out of the freezer add 40 g each of flour and water to it an you will get your old starter back in a day no problem with another feeding at 12 hours.


all of these procedures have helped get my baking back on track to better baking. apart from careful measuring i now check storage temperatures and the results are better than ever.

so its a big thanks to Janetcook and dabrownman.

hopefully these procedures may help others

the Baking Bear


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