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We love salads so it’s not unusual for us to grow our own when we can.  We grow them in pots which makes it easy.  For the two of us, we have two 12”  planters of red romaine, one 12” pot of spinach and one 24” planter for mescaline, arugla, and the green lettuces.  That is enough for us to have salad every night just by trimming off the larger leaves of each every night. 


The 14” pot of Swiss chard is included because it is going on its 3rd year of continuous production! There are 5 plants in the pot; 2 red, one yellow and 2 white.  It is the best producing pot of all time.  We put Swiss chard in everything since this pot is so prolific.


We also grow tomatoes in huge pots - 2 plants per pot.  Since we are not doing but one heirloom tomato this year we already have over 80 tomatoes on 6 plants with the heirloom only having 10.


If you live in AZ where the produce is so unbelievably cheap and where much of the winter veg for the US is grown, the rest of the salad fixings are a snap and inexpensive to boot.


Now with a very inexpensive two recycled food can pot smoker, you can smoke and grill some ungodly good BBQ chicken to go with the salad with some bakes steak sweet potato and russet fries and some BBQ baked beans out of the mini oven - a little slice of culinary heaven is yours for the taking.

It helps to have a bass playing garden frog to protect the veggies from insects and watch the sunsets with too!


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July 16, 2010 - 11:57am -- jrudnik

Hi everybody,

Last night I was browsing through a few methods for bread on the grill, which I would love to attempt- we cook most of our meals (except for bread) on the grill. I was struck by an "awesome" idea while reading forum posts. What about a pie on the grill, cake? Does anybody have any ideas or suggestions? If I put a large dutch oven on the grill would it mimic the effect of being in a regular oven? Also what about baking in a loaf pan on the grill? Suggestions?? I'd really like to try this.


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opinions on whether this will work for bread

January 7, 2010 - 8:34pm -- maurdel

What do you all think about this "Cast Iron Grill Humidifier"?

The description seems to say that it is just two cast iron boxes with holey lids.  So is it anything? or not anything?

Sometimes in warmer months I will try to bake out on the grill. It is sometimes quite successful, and sometimes not so much. Does anyone believe this might help in baking bread?

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Pizza on a grill...

February 20, 2009 - 1:49pm -- sadears

I tried to grill a pizza...twice.  I had read on the stone broke both times.  The second was advertised as a BBQ pizza stone.  Anyone try this before?  With success?  The instructions I read didn't say use indirect heat, so I didn't.  I also read that you could do it without the stone, cooking both sides of the dough first.  I'm sure I'd end up with dough falling through the grates. 


I must say that grilled pizza tasted good!



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BBQ/Grilled bread

October 24, 2008 - 4:21am -- 404

Are there any types of bread you can cook directly on a grill/bbq without using the BBQ as an oven. I figure there must be types of bread in some cultures that have some nomadic roots that do this as who is going to lug about an oven.

I don't care about authenticity more that it's always good to have freshly cooked bread with a BBQ and cooking it on the same grill would be handy.

I imagine that you need to use a flat bread so it cooks fast so something along the lines of pita breads might be an option.

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