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Basic Country Loaf

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My first go at Tartine's basic country loaf

July 30, 2012 - 11:45am -- Dukiehouser

I am posting here in hopes that I can get some feedback on my first attempt at this bread. So first I will give a little background on my experience with bread making and then go into detail about my first attempt at this loaf.

Well my experience with bread making is… pretty much null. I have attempted in the past to make a basic white bread but always had problems with getting it to rise enough. Recently I started making pizza dough and have been having really good luck with it and it kind of reignited my interest in making breads.

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Baker Chris

I'd been struggling a bit with overly-moist crumb.  After trying varied and long proofs (which did not significantly improve the crumb), I focused on making sure my levain was fully ripe and my dough properly developed in the bulk rise, plus a full proof step.


Problem solved.

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