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For the second proof, i cover my bannetons with clear shower caps from the motel. They don't last very and my stash is gone.  Think how happy I was to find this new product (at least I've never seen it before).  It has 10 covers. They are medium, large and x-large and they will cover round or oblong. THey seem to be pretty good quality.  Doing the happy dance :)  I'm sure people in King Souper's though I was crazy.   Pam

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Baking Stone & Bannetons - Any place in Charlotte, NC that I can get?

March 25, 2010 - 8:53am -- jennyloh

I'd be going to US,  and researching to get a stone and perhaps some bannetons as well from there, carry it back all the way here.....:) (hopefully it won't break along the way).  How heavy does pizza baking stone weigh? Does anyone know if there's any place within Charlotte, NC, US that I can shop for some baking supplies?

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September 8, 2009 - 7:49am -- chuppy

Good morning all!

I want to invest in brotforms/bannetons. Know anywhere I can buy them inexpensively or even used. And does anyone have any suggestions as to which type works best, plastic or willow? I made a country style hearth from Daniel Leader's Bread alone. It came out very well. I just need more bannetons to bake more bread.



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Banneton Baskets

March 24, 2008 - 6:47am -- Bella

Hi there, this might seem like a silly question but - Do the breads with the pretty ring designs get proofed in a banneton basket with or without a liner? I have never used one and have it on the wish list (ever growing) but was not sure if they were always used with liners or if the liner would obscure the ring pattern. I understand that you have to use a lot of flour to avoid sticking and I suppose they should be just tapped out rather than washed with water. Also, should people have two or more of them for a recipe? Your input would be appreciated.



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How to flour a banneton?

October 2, 2007 - 9:46pm -- dmsnyder

I have been using plastic brotforms for proofing my loaves but thought it was time to try a traditional linen-lined banneton. I've received a couple of 8" and 10" baskets from the SFBI site. My question is how do you flour the liners? Do you use AP flour? I've seen reference here to using a mix of wheat and rice flours. What does that get you? How heavily do you flour? Do you just sprinkle it on the linen or rub it in more generously?
Any advice, hints, or cautions would be greatly appreciated.


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