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Baking from a cold oven

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Cuban Bread Cold or preheated oven?

April 25, 2012 - 11:35am -- Alvaremj

I've been looking around online for a general consensus of what "authentic" Cuban bread is. From what I gather it is a yeasted white bread with or without a pre-ferment that contains some type of fat. i.e. Lard, shortening or butter. With anywhere from 55%-70% Hydration. What I couldn't seem to find if it is baked in a cold of preheated oven. Any thoughts on this or additions to the basic recipe?



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Cold start

April 6, 2011 - 11:42am -- teketeke

I had been afraid of trying the method of " Cold start" which means you start to bake from  a cold oven.  So I finally tried it out.

I was surprised how rise the dough in the oven.   I really don't noitce the difference of the taste between " Cold start" and " Regular start "  I tasted slightly more moist in the bread which is used " Cold start". I also felt that the sides of the bread is softer than the bread is baked normally.  I want to test to use 2 pullmans to compare.. but I have only one pullman. I will test it when I get another one.

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