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Bakers Percentage for Starter

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sourdough bread: the starter owns the place?....

January 31, 2013 - 9:12am --

Hi, I´m trying to raise my oun starter fo a sourdough. Actually, I´m not quite sure if it sourdough starter or levain, but my question would still stay the same whatever the kind of starter.... I wish to know if the recipes of sourdough bread (or any other naturaly leavened breads) use the starter as the only leavening agent or they include comercial yeast too? Because first, I´m having trouble raising the starter (but ok, I´ll just keep trying), and second, all the recipes I´ve found (in the book from wich I´ve got the starter recipe) include comercial yeast too.

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Bakers Percentage for Starter

April 6, 2012 - 4:03pm -- isand66

I've been trying to get better at converting my recipes to baker's percentages.  I am struggling with how to determine the calculation for how much starter to use to end up with the correct amount of levain for the final dough.

In my recent recipe I took my standard starter and used 3.7 ounces for the seed and added 3 oz. Durum, 2 oz. white rye, 4 oz. bread flour, and 2 oz. Spelt flour.  I added 7 oz. water. The overall hydration of the starter is now 64%.

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