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baguettes light french bread

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Updated: 3/31/2011 


 Aki san no Baguette
I want to introduce one of amazing Japanese home bakers Aki who makes great baguettes that I have been trying get the crumb like hers.  I really thank Aki who let me post her great baguettes here. Here is  her blog and baguette's formulas.   And, Please leave a comment for her if you think that her baguettes are great. She will be happy to hear it from you, guys. :) 

  Aki's strawberry yeast baguette:
Ingredients:  (straight method) Lenth about 40cm

  •  Flour  100% -( About125-150g for 1 baguette)( she uses flour for French bread like Lys Dor, Maison Kayser Traditional and so on. )
  • Water + Strawberry yeast water (10%)= 70-75%
  • Salt  less 2%

Method:   1. Mixing the ingredients. DDT: About 23℃ ( I mix the ingredients except the salt and  take autolyze for 30 minutes then I add the salt in it. I am not sure how she does)   

2.Bulk fermentation: Punch down every 20 minutes for 2 times at 23℃   

3.  Rest for 4 hours at 23℃  

4. Transfer the dough at 15℃ , and rest for 16-18 hours. * She put the dough in a refrigerator to keep the dough temperature down. If she keeps the dough at 15℃, the dough will be ready in 12 hours.  

5.  Divide  

6. Bench time  ( It is vary depends on the room temperature and the wild yeast's strenth that you use)

 7. Proof  at 23℃ ( It is also vary depends on the room temperature and the wild yeast's strenth that you use.)

8 Bake at 230℃ for about 20 minutes ( She uses steam)

* She also uses instant dry yeast ( She has used SAF blue instant yeast ): About 0.04% instant yeast as to 100% flour

* She degas the dough very well before shaping


I have tried her baguettes about 10 times so far. Although I am not successful yet.  I hope that I am able to get close to her baguettes soon. 

This is the one that is my best one so far.    I made 2 baguttes.

KA Ap 180g / Rasin yeast water 36g/ Water  100g  ( 16℃)/ Salt 3g

I bent the dough when I transfered it into the oven.   You can see the black spots in the crumb because I used alcoholic raisin from the raisin yeast water.  Aki doesn't use them.    I just punched it down once before I put the dough in the place at 14℃。 And I divided it in two after 24 hours ( yes, it took for a long time until the dough was doubled that was actually tripled! I realized it after I found Juergen's exprement  Thank you, Juergen) Then   I did a letter fold then took a bench time for 30 minutes, and I hit the dough onto the work bench twice and  I did fold 1/3 from the bottome line, then I pinched the top and bottom sides and closed the seam very well, and I took 30 minutes for proof. Preheat 470F for 1 hour, using Syvia's steaming method and bake it at 470F for 7 minutes with the steam, and take the steaming towels and pan after that, decreased down to 450F  and bake more 3 more minutes, then I took the baking sheets out of the baguettes then baked 10 more minutes at 450F. Shut off the oven then left them in the oven for 5 more minutes.  


Next :  This hydration is75.8% 

KA AP 120g  / Raisin yeast water (20%)+ water = 91g / Salt 2g 

I waited the dough until doubled.  It came out denser than the above.  I degased fliping the dough twice.


In the same time, I have made my baguettes ( ) for updating.  I updated it in Japanese version here:


2 baguettes:


 KA AP  125g  / Water  DDT 20℃  93g / Active dry yeast 1~2g

Final dough

KA Ap  125g  / Water DDT 23℃ 93g / Active dry yeast 1~2g

Salt  3.8g


 1. Poolish (  Let it ferment until doubled)  I preferment the yeast and the water for 15 -20 minutes before mixing all the ingredients.

2. Adding the yeast and water into the poolish-- Rest  for 20 minutes --- Add the flour and salt

3. Knead for a few minutes --2 times  Strech and fold  every 20-30 minutes   

4. Bulk fermentation    at 25℃。

5. Continue to rest until 1.5 times in bulk at 25℃

6.Move the dough in the place at 14℃and rest until 2-2.5  times volume

7. Divide  in two:   1) A letter fold       or   2) Degas: hitting the dough on the work surface 2.3 times and make a rectangle shape.

8. Bench time   30 minutes at about 23℃.

9. Shape :  1)Degas like the above (2)-- 1/3 fold from the bottom.- Pinch the both side and close the seam very well.  or

                 2) 1/3 fold from the bottom, if you can fold it again toward to the middle.--- Pinch the both side and close the seam very well.

10. Proof  25 - 30 minutes  at 23℃

11.Bake :  Preheat 470F for 1 hour :  Bake at 470F with steam ( Sylvia's steaming method) for 7 minutes --- Take the steaming out-- decrease down to 450F and bake 3 more minutes - Take the parchment paper out --- bake more 10 minutes ---  Shut off the oven and leave it in the oven for 5 minutes.

I am testing about degassing a lot or not :

These are that I didn't degas a lot, just little.  Left: (2) version     Right(1) version   I took 30 minutes for proof.  The taste was awesome.


Today:  I did degas a lot


But I took almost 1 hour for proof..  Left:Shorter one - (1) version / Right: Longer one - (2) version.  These reminds me of Juergen's experiment:    Yes, they are over proofed.. I also thank Eric who examine an excellent job on Juergen's post.  They didn't taste good because of the over proofed.  The bad thing was that I had to drag when I scored because the dough was really soft.

Now, I am going to test that the one is little degas and the other is degas a lot..   


2/20/2011  I couldn't bake my 2 baguettes to compare the test above.  But I baked Aki's baguette in the morning.

Here is the result:

 Aki san no baguette 2/20/2011


KA AP  120g   

Raisin yeast water 18g  ( 20%)   

Water   71g( 16℃)   

Salt 2g

2/18  6:30 am - Mix all the ingredients except the salt.-- Autolyze --         

        7:05 am- Added the salt--- mixing for 10 seconds by FP         

       8:00 am--  S&F   ( 23℃) -- I forgot to do it in 30 minutes---     

       8:30  am -- S&F  ( 23℃)         

      Rest----  23℃

    1:00pm -- Moved the dough in the basement  at 14℃.  

2/20  6:00am  3 folds ( a letter fold) -- bench time (The dough rose 2.5 times in bulk. )         

        7:05 am  Shape    Degas a lot ( Flipped over the dough twice and slapped the dough many times) and  fold 1/3 from the bottom and pinch the both sides then close the seam very well.-- proof---       

        7:50  Bake


Now I am thinking:   

1. dough temp should be warmer before shaping to get the airy crumb or wait until the dough tripled.   

2. Degas a lot or less

3.  How to score it straightly without dragging. -------------- I used to put some shortening on the lame  before scoring. I better try it again to see how it works.




Degas test:

  After I wrote that I didn't bake the other my baguettes to compare the test of degassing, I changed my mind, then I started to bake them to test.  Here is the result:


 KAAP  125 g     

 Water  (16℃)      100g   (  I recommend to use less water around 94g water ) Now, I am testing to use 68% hydartion  3/2/2011  Because I want  firm strong gluten in the dough as same as Aki's baguette. 68% hydaration is the same firmness as 74-75% high hydration baguettes with natural yeast in my opinion.

  Active dry yeast  1/32 tsp     (  I took 19 hours to ferment)


Final dough:  

 KAAP    70g  /  Pillsbury ( all flour ran out except this) 55g   

Water (16℃)   100g   (  I recommend to use less water  around 94g maximum) 

 Active dry yeast  0.1g

Salt    3.8g

 1. 2/19  Punch down every 30 minutes.  

2. Rest  :  1+2 =3 hours in total..( It was too short) at 23℃  

3.  Rest  at 14-15℃  

4. 2/22   Divide (  The actual dough weight was 408g   I divided it 204g each. The dough rose doubled.  

5. Bench 30 minutes  6. Shape and Proof for 30 minutes at 22℃


Left: Degas a lot : Flipping over twice and slapped the dough a lot. 

Right  Gentle degas : Just little pat to make a rectangle to shape.


Today 2/21/2011


Left : Version 1 (started from a letter fold) with gentle degas 

 Right Version 2 (Started to make a rectangle shape to flatten) with gentle degas.     *  My lame was without the chop stick. I was holding it by my left hand. I didn't put shortening on it.

The actual weight was 425g  I divided it 212.5g each.  Yesterday, it was lighter because I used the other flour or today's dough took 2 days to ferment ??  I don't know...


These are on the left one.   I cut it when it was still hot.  My husband and my dogs were eating it when I saw them.

So, I cut the other one when it was still warm. My son and daguther wanted to eat, too.

Hmmmmm.... I will practice more... 

Thank you for reading, everybody!



Updating 3/1/2011

I got a book that AKi learned how to make the amazing baguettes from yesterday.  I can't tell everything of the method unfortunetely.

Here is the book.

As Eric mentioned, You can degas firmly that is the key.   Flatten the dough - 3 folds -bench 30 minutes- shape - proof 30 minutes or so.- bake 

Luckly, You are able to see how to shape the dough on the sample of the book!!

Completely flatten the dough!

I used

260g KAAP

52g Raisin yeast water ( from refrigerator)

143g Water 16℃

4g Salt  (  1.5-1.8% as to 100% four... As you like)

  Mix except salt -- Autolize 30 mintues--- Fold interval 30 minutes x 2 times---- 5 hours buk fermentation  at 75F until the dough rose 1.5times

-------Move the dough in a colder place around 13-14℃ for over night (12 hours)--- divide-- preshape--bench 30 minutes -- shape -- proof 30 minutes-- bake

 on the left crumb : I prooved at 21℃ without any dump towels. Right crumb: At 21℃ with dump towels

 I prooved at 26℃ with dump towels.    I still test about this. But I think "With dump towel" make thin and crispy crust? 

It have more big holes when I proof it at colder place? I don't know.. I just keep testing..

About taste: That is absolutely amazing.



Updated 3/2/2011

I made 68% hydration of my poolish baguette today.


  • KA AP  70g
  • Water 48g ( 16℃)
  • Active dry yeast  0.07g

Final dough

  • KA AP 70g
  • Water 48g ( 16℃)
  • Active dry yeast 0.07g
  • Salt  ( I always use kosher sea salt)  2.3g (  I used 1.6% salt as to 100 % flour this time)


1. Mix the poolish ingredients ( DDT was 65F /18.3℃) Fermented at 76F/24.4℃ for about 15 hours.

2. Mix all the ingredients. After mixing ( folding?) for a few minutes with a dough cutter, The dough temperature (DT )was 65F/ 18.3℃

3. After 20 minutes: 1st S & F ( folding several times with a dough cutter)  DT was 68F/20℃    The room temperature was 76F/24.4℃- I used a light to warm it up

4. After 20 minutes : 2nd  S&F  ( folding several times with a dough cutter) DT was 65F/18.3℃  The room temperature was 76F/24.4℃ ( I don't know why the DT went down.)

5.Bulk fermentation:  2.5 hours at 78.8F/26℃ until doubled  ( If you want  light and softer crumb, you better let it rise at 82F/28℃, the time will be shorten) DT was 70F/21℃ when it is doubled.

6.Put the dough in a refrigerator ( the temperature was 6℃)for 5 hours.   DT was 48F/8.8℃ when I took it out of the refrigerator.

7.Preshape:  Degassed and made a letter fold. I waited until the dough temp got to 50F/10℃  just a couple minutes or so.( I have been successful when the dough temperature was 50F/10℃)

8.Shape folding  1/3 fold from the top side, lift the other side to cover that I already feld. Pinched very well.  DT was 65F/18.3℃ when I was about to shape.

9.Proof : 30 minutes at 70F/21℃.  I put the dough in a gabage bag to avoid to get dry.

10.Bake : Preheat 470F/243.3℃ for 1 hour ( I can't use maximum temperature. If you can, you better use maximum temperature for better result)

              Bake  7 minutes with steam (I used Sylvia's steaming method) at 470F/243.3℃-----> Take the steaming tool out and decreased down to 450F/232.2℃, bake 3 more minutes--

------------->Take the parchment paper and bake 10 more minutes-------> Shut off the oven left it in the oven for 3 minutes.

I am so glad that I had a lot of holes in the crumb, however, I am not a big fan of thick crust and too chewy texture.  I should have let it rise at higher temperature until 1.5 times in bulk, then let it rest at 50-57.2F/10-14℃ for overnight, Or I better use more water in the dough around 70-74% hydration.   I like the taste but it was sweet less than I usually get.   Now, I realize that I don't want to let the dough rest below 50F/10℃ anymore。I tested it before...

3/3/2011  Next day:  The crust and crumb are much better. The top's crumb is better texture than the bottom. The bottom's crumb was little wetter when I chewed it. I will make 68% hydration again, next time I will frement the dough at 28-30℃ around and let it rest at 10℃ for overnight or less.



I changed a little bit of Aki's method, but I finally could manage 10% raisin yeast baguette.


 KA AP 130g

Rasin yeast water 14g

Water 76g  ( DDT 69F  /20.5℃)

Salt  2.1g


Method: ( I always set up at 6pm around so I can bake at 6am next morning)

1.  I mixed all the ingredients except the salt for a minute, then add the salt, mix it again for a few minutes with my hands  (Dough temperature(DT) 69F)

2.  S&F x2  every 30 minutes   ( I did in the air with my hands) ( DT was 70F both after the S&F)--Rest at  roomtemperature was 26-28℃ /78.8F-82F  for 4.5 hours until the dough is little flat and the surface is slightly bumpy.


3.I moved the dough at room temperature around 18-19℃ for about 8 hours

4. The dough in the morning:  I saw a lot of bubbles on the bottom. ( DT62.5F/16.9℃)

5. I put the dough on the floured wood board very gently. The bottom is face now. 

   Strech the dough X way to make a rectangle around 35cm x11cm is better ( I streched too much this time I did 41cmx11cm)

6.Using a ruler, make a fold like the picture. Pat the dough gently and

 Put tightly squeezed dump kitchen towels on the dough and take a bench time for 15-20 minutes ( I took 15 minutes )

7. After the bench time,

8. Using your finger tips, pat the dough gently... ( I feel like that I can shape the air in the crumb at this time) 

9. Puch the edge little harder and  Pat the rest of the dough with your finger tips again.  ( If I didn't do this process, the crumb was tight... I think that both sides dough need some space to have airy crumb when you roll. )

10. Brush off the excess flour and roll and pinch the seam very well.( This picture is a different one. I just want  show you how I pinch the dough)

11. Proof :  I pust a tightly squeezed dump kitchen towels on the linen, then I put it on the top of the refregerator for 35-40 minutes at 70-71F /21-21.7℃

12 Prepare the steaming towels ( Sylvia's steaming method), Scroing, then bake.

  I practice to score baguettes a lot using playdough playing with my daughter because I am not good at it. I used to drag so much.. A couple of my Cookpad friends gave me g reat advices. I am still afraid of it....

1. Score the right angle on wet dough.. ( 80-90 degrees)

 2. Slice the dough the same speed and depth  ( This is difficult for me... because my scoring is always deeper in the middle, then the top and end is shallow.. I RE-score the top and end lines from the other direction where I score first.)


This is my way.. You can make up other ideas to score the same depth each lines.   

 I recommend you to use bamboo skewers to detamine the length  ( probably 10-11.5cm?)and make a mark with a tooth pick or so. --This is from the book.

How do you slice when you score the dough? 

I found out that I can score very straight when I use No.1 way. My cookpad friend suggested me the way. That is very helpful.. I don't think that my way fit everybody but, It may help some TFL members.



Here is the best crumb that I got on 27th. 


 Raisin yeast water 14g

 Water    14℃              74g

KAAP                     130g

Salt                    2.1g



4:40pm: Mix all the ingredients except the salt--- Autolize for 10 minutes--- add the salt -- mixing by hand for 2 minutes.

4:55pm Bulk fermentation   DDT 70F   Room temperature 79F

5:40pm S & F  in the air    Room temperature 79F

6:00pm-  S&F   in the air    Room temperature 79F  

8:00pm Transfer the dough at the colder place ( 62.6F)-- Overnight

Next day

7:30am  Transfer the dough in the basement  ( 50F)  until  3:20 PM

3:20pm  Preshape ( Strech to make a rectangle shape, hold 2/3 ) 

Bench time 20 minutes

3:40pm Shape ( Roll it and close and pinch ) 


4:00PM  Bake

Recently, I score the line differently. I used to slice very straight, now I  make a curve to score like Tartine book's baguette. ( A crescent shape)

Best wishes,



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