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Baguette shaping

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Excruciating video on how to shape a baguette. Please do not try this at home

September 18, 2010 - 1:28pm -- bnom

I was looking at Ciril Hirtz' excellent video on shaping baguettes and stumbled across this "Expert Village" video showing the "cut and pull" technique for shaping a baguette.  It is so bad it's funny.  There are several other videos by this same fellow taking one through the entire process.  In one he explains that steam is used "because the moisture from the water kind of vaporizes and soaks up inside the bread giving it that nice pillowy softness inside."  

The "cut and pull" technique for making an "authentic French baguette bread"

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Baguette shaping by Ciril Hitz

August 2, 2010 - 9:54pm -- dmsnyder


Ciril Hitz, cookbook author and instructor at Johnson & Wales has made a marvelous collection of instructional videos. They are on His video on baguette shaping is one of the best I've seen. He goes through each step and each is photographed from several angles

Baguette video

Another video I like focuses on pre-shaping and shaping baguettes, boules and rolls.

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