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Drive Belt for Assistent/Magic Mill/DLX?

November 23, 2012 - 9:23am -- lyegrove

I have an Electrolux Assistent N4- probably 50 years old and used until last week when the belt started to slip. Can't find anything suitable as a replacement belt anywhere and the manufacturers won't reply to emails!!  Any help or suggestions most welcome. Can't believe that there aren't spares for these things in europe?

Some info I turned up which may help was:

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Quantity of whole grain dough in Electrolux MagicMill/Assistent mixer

July 24, 2012 - 6:54pm -- Jmallan

Hello, I have been lurking in this forum for ages - so much great information!

I possibly should have posted this in the equipment forum, but thought I would start here. I am seriously considering getting an Electrolux Assistent mixer because I want to do larger quantities of dough than my  KitchenAid can handle. I am curious if anyone has used the Electrolux for bread using home milled flour and if you have a feel for the quantities it could process. I'm hoping to do up to 2 kg of dough at 80-100% hydration.  


Thanks for your help!

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WANTED: Magic Mills Assistent (Electrolux DLX) Mixer

June 8, 2012 - 12:34pm -- MikeRook

I am looking to buy a used Magic Mills Assistent mixer.  I have been doing a lot of reasearch on different mixers for dough and everything I have read leads me to believe that this mixer is the best including reliability.  Anyone selling one?  Let me know on this post or you can also email me at mikewildt @ .  Thanks!


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DLX/Electrolux Assistent cost and manufacturer website questions

November 28, 2010 - 11:41am -- quantumburnz

Hi everyone,

This forum has been very helpful seeing all the posts about the DLX vs Bosch.  I'm pretty made up on getting the DLX; however, I have a couple questions:

1. I can't find the manufacturer website for the DLX Assistent.  I can find the Electrolux site which has their stoves, vacuum cleaners, etc. on it, but I can't find a site with their mixers anywhere.  Does anyone know the what the manufacturer website is?

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I took the plunge and bought the Magic Mill DLX!

July 18, 2010 - 8:27am -- BellesAZ

I'm really excited for my new Magic Mill Assistent to arrive next week!  I've been researching mixers for a few months now, trying to make the right decision for my kitchen.  I looked at so many mixers, but for some reason I just kept coming back to this one.

I can't wait to finally start branching out and making some other doughs that are currently impossible to do in my KA Pro.  I made a French Baguette dough a couple of weeks ago and my machine just overheated and shut itself off.  I knew I needed to upgrade.

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