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Hi Everyone - What a great site! Question - A new bread has come to my area though it's in short supply so far. I love it and would like to bake something like it but have no idea how to start. Is anyone familiar with Henry's Harvest Artisan Loaf by Grace Baking in Richmond CA? Any ideas about what makes this loaf so chewy? I'm a beginner baker. A recipe that is like this bread would be fantastic. Thanks.

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It's a dense and heavy loaf this time. Good for gluten-intolerent people i suppose, since it's 100% rye.
I decided to use the last remaining half of a German bread-mix packet. It says Roggen Vollkorn, or wholegrain rye if i'm not mistaken. Just add water and yeast, mix and u're done! :)

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Here's the packet...

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Would pair well with a 'leberwurst' bought the other day...hehehe ;)

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I made Rustic Bread today for the faculty at my son's school. What nice looking loaves! Everyone was very excited to eat such a beautiful, yummy treat. It was a hit. :o)'s picture

direct vs. sponge

November 23, 2005 - 1:06pm --

just purchased bernard clayton's 'breads'. susrprised that most of his recipes don't require a starter as peter reinhardt generally recommends in his 'apprentice' book. is the qualitative difference that great to favor one method over the other. i personally haven't noticed much of a difference. please advise.

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It's been a long time that i've wanted to try this (from Reinharts BBA).
The recipe asked for a small portion of pumpernickel grind flour, but i can't find that, so i used a small percentage of wholewheat.

Image hosted by Couronne crease/ cracks didn't came out so well thanks to not making it deep enough. Flavour was great! Tasted mildly sour and of toasted sunflowers.

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well, i finally get it right and i'm moving to my mother in laws house - they don't have a oven so i have to do something with my starter. i've been keeping it alive for months now. i got to find a home for it.

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I would love it if anyone would share one of thier red wine bread recipes
I use to have one from one of my chefs at culinary school and lost it.
Would love some input out there folks.
I do remember they were sweet tangy and delicious.


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