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My parents went to visit my bro in Melbourne, Aus recently. So I got them to get me some Kalamata olives from a Greek shop.
No wonder they're more expensive. They taste really nice!!

Here is a Sourdough Kalamata Olive loaf. (i think i'm baking everything with SD now..)

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Ingredients : 10% or less Whole wheat, Bread & AP flour, sea salt & Kalamata Olives.

PS* Btw, i noticed an increased in SD activity when i used Organic Unbleached AP flour.

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Nicely flavoured, but need to increase hydration.

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100% sourdough, with homemade muesli mix & cinnamon, Whole wheat & rye bread.

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Crunchie crust

December 30, 2005 - 5:03pm -- jmcbride

I have a question about others experience with crust. I have made several batches of Rustic Bread (excellent recipe by the way). I have found that when my bread comes out of the oven it is nice a crunchie crust, but as it cools it often becomes soft until fully cooled at which time some cruch returns.

I have been baking on a stone in 450F oven with steam.

Anyone with a similar experience? Is this what to expect as the bread cools?


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Banneton tips?

December 29, 2005 - 12:27pm -- dasein668

Hi all,

I received a banneton for Christmas, which was pretty cool. I've just finished my first loaf with it and had... mmm... let's say "moderate" success.

I made a pretty standard direct-yeasted 60-2-2 type of dough, using about 25% whole wheat/75% all-purpose. After primary fermentation I shaped a boule, relatively gently, and popped it into the very heavily floured basket. (I wanted to be sure it wouldn't stick!)

After proofing, I unmolded it as gently as I could by putting my floured hand on the top (bottom, really) of the loaf, flipped the basket and sort of rolled it gently onto my peel.

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I finally tried Pain Poilane yesterday, from the BBA. :) - on a smaller scale though.

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100% organic, including the salt (i used gray brittany salt however, not normandy as suggested), well, all organic except, err, for the dusting flour used and water? ... :P

Anyway, the flavour was good! Definitely will try again.

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hello everyone

December 20, 2005 - 7:55am -- BEN WILEY

my name is ben and i am a 26 year old baker. i love whole grain breads and have been actively baking for approx one year. however, in this one year i have come a decent way. i love the science of baking as well and read just about everything i can get ahold of. i am lucky enough to have decent electric home ovens in both of my residences. i have purchased and installed a baking stone in each one of them . i make mostly freestanding "artisan" loaves. as i say, whole grains comprise mostly (99%) of the loaves i make as i try to emulate what our ancestors would have had to work with. i have very recently experimented with bread flour (white, unbleached, unbromated) flour, too, tho.

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Just took my 2nd Challah out of the oven. It is a very nice looking loaf of bread. Gosh, I may never sprinkle seeds or wheat on my loaves again. What a mess! Maybe I'm not using enough wash? The seseame seeds are everywhere!


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