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2nd loaf & first post

March 5, 2006 - 6:39pm -- KP Crumbworth

I baked my second loaf of bread this weekend ( I wish I could figure how to post pics) it was much better than my first which was a true brick.

I used a recipe with no preferment, and thought I could just let a slow rise make up the difference.It didn't really have the flavor I was looking for, and was the slightest bit still wet in the center. However the crust was great, and the crumb was way way better than my first attempt although not quite right.

I'm trying to find a recipe that will include all of Floyds 10 tips- any suggestions?

I also wonder if I used Floyds rustic bread recipe can I just use all white flour if I want?

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Joe Fisher

Well, I was surprised to see a big, flat package on my doorstep today. It was my SuperPeel, sent to me by Gary.

I ran inside to unpack it, and was pleasantly surprised at the professional packaging and instructions. I'm waiting for the belt to go through the wash once before I assemble it, but I was immediately struck by what a well-designed and executed product it is. I can't wait to play with it! It definately looks like its worth what he's asking on the website. I'll be sure to take some pictures once I get it all together.

Thanks again, Gary.

Oh, and you were right. My wife picked up the 'fake superpeel' piece of junk at Sur le Table. Besides having a cloth belt instead of a parchment paper one, the real SuperPeel just feels more solidly built, and looks like it's made from a better wood, or at least better cuts of wood.


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Don't make bread when you're sleep deprived!
Mix everything but the yeast and salt into the dough before letting it autolyse!

I'm making potato rosemary rolls again (thank you for the clarification, Floydm) but incorporating the autolyse and cool rise techniques. I was half asleep at the time and thought it was a good idea to mix in the potatoes and proofed yeast while I knead. Mixing the yeast into the autolysed dough wasn't a problem but the potatoes didn't do so well - the kneaded dough has chunks of potatoes, spices, and whatnot randomly dispersed throughout but not blended. The dough is now rising in my fridge (or so I hope; I can never tell whether the dough has risen by eye) and it will be shaped and baked in the morning. I'll try to apply some gentle CPR to break up the potatoes then.

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I am a new bread baker for about 1 month. My bread taste great but, this crust is not very good TOO THIN How can I make the crust thicker.

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I just opened th oven and burst out laughing... Looks like my boule might have been a bit underproofed 'cuz it practically exploded in the oven. Silly looking for sure. Hopefully it'll be tasty though!

I love the pattern from the banneton though.

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i don't know how to put it in words...nor describe that intangible feeling...but whenever i make bread i just feel so content. i can compare it to painting a mural or writing a great story. the process is as important as the result. there are so many things i don't know about it...maybe that's why i keep on relishing the experience on making bread by hand. anyone out there who can relate? it'll be some kind of affirmation that i'm not odd or something similar. does anyone have an idea on how to bottle the aroma of freshly baked bread? : )

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Russian Black Bread-baking suggestions?

February 10, 2006 - 8:11am -- mrpeabody

I was thinking of making a Russian Black Bread and was given a recipe from a friend. However, it is a bread machine recipe and I want to bake it in the oven. So, does anyone have any suggestions as to handling and baking? For example, for this type of bread, do you create steam in the oven (for thick, crunchy crust)? What temperature and time? I have been using a very hot oven for Italian breads, but I think with the sugar content of the black bread, it would scorch. Still, I like the initial very hot oven for a fast initial rise. Any hints and tips would be greatly appreciated.



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