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Just took my 2nd Challah out of the oven. It is a very nice looking loaf of bread. Gosh, I may never sprinkle seeds or wheat on my loaves again. What a mess! Maybe I'm not using enough wash? The seseame seeds are everywhere!

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It's a dense and heavy loaf this time. Good for gluten-intolerent people i suppose, since it's 100% rye.
I decided to use the last remaining half of a German bread-mix packet. It says Roggen Vollkorn, or wholegrain rye if i'm not mistaken. Just add water and yeast, mix and u're done! :)

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Here's the packet...

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Would pair well with a 'leberwurst' bought the other day...hehehe ;)

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I made Rustic Bread today for the faculty at my son's school. What nice looking loaves! Everyone was very excited to eat such a beautiful, yummy treat. It was a hit. :o)

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It's been a long time that i've wanted to try this (from Reinharts BBA).
The recipe asked for a small portion of pumpernickel grind flour, but i can't find that, so i used a small percentage of wholewheat.

Image hosted by Couronne crease/ cracks didn't came out so well thanks to not making it deep enough. Flavour was great! Tasted mildly sour and of toasted sunflowers.

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painful pain de champagne, help needed

October 25, 2005 - 8:48pm -- Erithid

So I attempted to make Pain de Champagne based on a recipe from Julia Child's "Baking with Julia".
Basically: 1)Make dough from 1/2cup flour, 3tbs water, 1/2 tsp milk, let sit 2 days 2) add 1/3 cup water, 3/4 cup flour, let sit 18 hours

Now at this point I was supposed to add more flour and water and let sit again, but it was horrible. The dough after the first 2 days had risen a little and smelled like a slightly sour dough, but after that third day, it was really sour, had the consistancy of stiff yogurt, and reaked of rotten milk perhaps? Now, leaving something with milk in it at room temp for 3 days seems like a bad idea, but it is the recipe.

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I couldn't sleep tonight, so like any panefile, I decided to bake. I have been reading "Baking With Julia," thanks to the Boston Public Library, and thought, "why not try something difficult?" And thusly I have begun the process of creating Pain de Campagne. Wish me luck!

1/2 cup AP Flour (should be whole wheat, but I am out, we'll see if it works anyhow)
3 tbs warm water
1/2 tsp milk
(1/8 tsp cumin, but I don't have any. This is more of an experiment than anything else anyhow, so I am not worrying about it)

Work the dough into a stiff springy doughball. Knead about 5 minutes, leave in a covered bowl for 2 days at room temp.

See you in 2 days with a report and the next part of the recipe! ~Erithid

*Added 1/3 cup water 3/4 cup flour knead for 3 min let sit 18 hours

**Checked on the chef today, and it was horrible. It had become almost yogurt like and foul-smelling. I will inquire on the forums to see what could have gone so wrong. Whatever lessons I learn, I will post or link to here. Ah well, an adventure indeed.

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Yesterday i tried making croissants for the 2nd time.
The first time wasn't tht good becoz the butter burst through the dough and i just threw part of the dough and simply made some badly/oddly shaped croissants.

So yesterday, i rolled out the dough and thought mebbe if i use pieces instead of a block, the results will be better. Instead, the pieces were too frozen and it pierced right through the dough!.. :S... I got frustrated and kneaded the pieces in the dough and roughly crushed it while i kneaded it. Then i quickly threw it in the freezer.

I took it out and did a business letter fold but the butter burst through the other side again. So i just folded tht part over and froze it.
I got an idea suddenly, instead of doing the business letter fold, i rolled out into a long rectangle and rolled it up like a swissroll. Then rolled it out again after freezing it. I tot tht could incorperate more folds in less time...and it did! ...
It came out to be quite good, with layers and a lot of volume. :)

I shared it with my church group and they found it hard to believe i made it.. :P hehe
( do u attach a photo??? )


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