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Apple and pera galette

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We had some left over whole wheat short crust pastry from our granola crisp topped, apple, pear, snockered dried fruit galette and decided to turn it into some WW puff pastry by laminating it with a little butter.


We usually use half the butter called for and do one more turn with the dough.  It has always seemed to work well and with whole wheat it is almost healthy and nearly non fatting to eat compared to regular puff paste


The galette came out nicely as did the puff paste that we filled with vanilla cream cheese, and sugar macerated blackberries and strawberries with a little corn starch.  We glazed the puff paste with an egg and sprinkled turbinado sugar onn the egg wash.


We don’t have a name for this puff paste shape since it wasn’t big enough to braid and we really filled it up.  It did make a nice something- a - ruther that we will eventually get around to naming.  Right now we will call it  'Not Varda’s Sled.' 

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