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Any tried and true recipes

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Recipes please....

November 26, 2011 - 12:28pm -- Davidkatz

I have a starter sitting in my fridge....

It is whole wheat  - been active for about 2 months.


Looking for a T&T (tried and true) recipe for tommorow's baking practice.

So far I've been doing this:

500 g whole wheat flour

100 grams starter

12 grams sea salt

375 g Water


1. - Mix - - then fold  4 directions (envelope) 8 times

2. Wait 20 min - fold 4x8

3. Wait 20 min  - fold 4x8


Next morning proof - wait 2 hours

Bake in duch oven

The loaf is a bit heavy - crust is great.


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Wanted: Original Bosch WW Bread recipe in the 80's. The one the demonstrators made.

November 9, 2010 - 4:21pm -- curvesarein

Ok, what excitement today!!! My Bosch Universal Plus mixer and food processor showed up and my Nutrimill and Bread Slicer. I spent all day super cleaning and organizing for my equipment. I am so glad I have lot's of room in my kitchen and pantry. The Nutrimill is large. Ok now I want to make the original recipe I made 30 years ago with the Bosc Machine then with 2 speeds. Does anyone have that recipe?

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