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amazing baguette

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Note:  6/13/2011  To make good crust and flavor for a baguette, especially in summer, I really watch out for the dough temperature more than the time and roomtemperature.


I pulled together in one recipe from my post of Amazing airy baguette that I posted before 

 It has been 2 months since I made a baguette last time that was in April 1st this year. I copied the recipe and method below and baked a baguette today. It came out good. The shaping and scoring are not perfect but I am pleased with it.



KA AP 130g

Raisin yeast water 14g

Water 76g ( DDT 69F /20.5℃)

Salt 2.1g


Method: ( I always set up at 6pm around so I can bake at 6am next morning)

1. I mixed all the ingredients except the salt for a minute, then add the salt, mix it again for a few minutes with my hands (Dough temperature(DT) 69F)

2. S&F x2 every 30 minutes ( I did in the air with my hands) ( DT was 70F both after the S&F)--Rest at room temperature was 26-28℃ /78.8F-82F for 4.5 hours until the dough is little flat and the surface is slightly bumpy.


3.I moved the dough at room temperature around 18-19℃ for about 8 hours

4. The dough in the morning: I saw a lot of bubbles on the bottom. ( DT62.5F/16.9℃)

5. I put the dough on the floured wood board very gently. The bottom is face now.

Stretch the dough X way to make a rectangle around 35cm x11cm is better ( I stretched too much this time I did 41cmx11cm)

6.Using a ruler, make a fold like the picture. Pat the dough gently and

Put tightly squeezed dump kitchen towels on the dough and take a bench time for 15-20 minutes ( I took 15 minutes )

7. After the bench time,

8. Using your finger tips, pat the dough gently... ( I feel like that I can shape the air in the crumb at this time)

9. Push the edge little harder and Pat the rest of the dough with your finger tips again. ( If I didn't do this process, the crumb was tight... I think that both sides dough need some space to have airy crumb when you roll. )

10. Brush off the excess flour and roll and pinch the seam very well.( This picture is a different one. I just want show you how I pinch the dough)

11. Proof : I put a tightly squeezed dump kitchen towels on the linen, then I put it on the top of the refregerator for 35-40 minutes at 70-71F /21-21.7℃

12 Prepare the steaming towels ( Sylvia's steaming method), Scoring, then ready to bake.

13.Preheated 470F ( I can't use maximum temperature 500F because I broke the fuze twice before- too much baking for baugettes)   

  1) Bake at 470F for 7 minutes with steam ( Sylvia's steaming method

  2) Take out of the steaming towels and a parchement that was on the baguette, then decrease the temperature to 450F  and bake more 13 minutes.

  3) Shut off the oven and open the door a little bit and leave the baguette for 3 minutes in the oven. - I got this idea from David. Thank you, David.


I practice to score baguettes a lot using playdough playing with my daughter because I am not good at it. I used to drag so much.. A couple of my Cookpad friends gave me great advices. I am still afraid of it....

How I score a baguette:

  • Score the right angle 80-90 degrees ( it will be difficult to score at acute angle around 30-45 degrees for wet dough)
  • *Score the dough the same speed and depth.  This is the point  Please read the note below.
  • I recommend you to use a bamboo skewer to get the length that you want( probably 10-11.5cm?)and make a mark with a tooth pick or so. --This is from the book.

1) 2) 3)


 You can prepare the scoring lines using a stick before you acutally score your baguette dough. The red line ( 2.5-3cm )below will be a lap between first score line and the second one, the same lap for the second line and the third one  and other third and forth lones, too.



↑ Note: For*Score the dough the same speed and depth.  I score the top and end that I marked on red  (the picture above) again reversely to make the cut depth evenly because my scoring of the top and end is always shallower.


How do you slice when you score the dough?

I found out that I can score very straight when I use No.1 way. My Cookpad friend suggested me the way. That is very helpful.. I don't think that my way fit everybody but, It may help some TFL members.


I will leave the method to make raisin yeast water for reference.

Happy baking,


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