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Tartine Bread crumb question

February 8, 2012 - 7:50pm -- brian@clarkeipl...


I have had good success making lovely bread from Chad's book. I have a question. The crumb I get is a bit tight. I am searching for suggestions on achieving this result. I have tried varying the hydration. I can't seem to find the magic number if there is one. As a general matter I do not know the effect hydration has on the crumb structure. All help and suggestions To achieve a more airy crumb are appreciated. 

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Baking help

January 2, 2012 - 1:24pm -- Lilpastrysplashy

Hello, I have been baking bread for a while now and I have come very close to getting a satisfactory texture, but I just don't understand how people get the Giant holes in their bread loaves. I have tried to make a wetter dough,knead longer,have a longer final proof, and I use bread flour and pretty good ingredients, I just don't understand. I also put steam in the oven and everything I just don't see what I'm doing wrong. I also don't seem to get very much flavor yet I am letting the bread rise for about three hours each time I make some, yet there really is very little flavor.

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English muffin with raisin yeast water plus alcoholic raisins

April 27, 2011 - 10:16pm -- teketeke

English muffin with raisin yeast water + alcoholic raisins.

Updated 5/9/2011  I found out that skipping the first proof had a good result of English muffin shape and more flavor . Thanks to everybody who left some notice on my English muffin, I could find the difference. Thank you, Syd and Kimmy and Larry and Daisy and Ron and everybody! When I use the first proof, the muffin inflated like a balloon. The taste was weaken.

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