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Active starter

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Sick starter on the mend, & thanks TFL

January 27, 2013 - 10:53am -- I676

1. Hello! Never posted here before, but I've been an avid reader of TFL (and Twitter follower) for a few weeks now, and the community's insights have been an invaluable help in getting started in sourdough baking. So thank you all.

2. I wanted to post about my starter, which I started using Debra Wink's pineapple solution (so well written and interesting to read...not to mention that it worked like a charm).  

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Killing the Baby

January 5, 2013 - 5:06am -- Jezella

I must say that I'm absolutely fascinated by this whole bread subject and being new to the subject, have so many questions. Whilst reading here about starters that have been around, sometimes for many years, how do these remain alive. I tried one a short time ago and gave up as I felt I was trying to run before I could walk or in my case, walk before crawl.

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Last night I made a starter for cuban bread to bake today as well as the liquid yeast levain for Japanese Sandwich bread. 


I expected to see the cuban bread starter way up the sides of the container this morning as it contained 3/4 tsp of regular yeast.  I also expected a good result from the liquid fruit yeast after sitting all night on the counter even though our home is very cool..... 


The result was that the liquid fruit starter far out preformed the regular yeast.  It was a beautiful sight to see......I think my liquid yeast must be a very good batch.  I wish I had taken a picture of it so you could see but perhaps I will make another batch just for picture taking.


Here is a picture of my refrigerated liquid fruit yeast.  It doesn't appear clear in the picture but it is a pinkish clear liquid and is made up of dried raisins, dried cranberries, grapes and apple skins and cores.  It is very active and I store it in a very cold spot in my fridge.  I am anxious to see how today's bread turns out.  The yeasted Cuban loafs are far ahead of the two at the moment.  I have already proofed them and made baguettes after the first rise.


Here is a shot of my Cuban bread.....It will soon be time to go into the oven.  I made it to my own shape....Not as thick and Batardish as Miami bread and not as slender and elongated as Tampa bread. Since this picture was taken, I have inserted a piece of water soaked white cotton cord across the top of each one......




The finished bread......out of the oven at internal temp of 200 degrees. 



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