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Hobart N50 versus A120 - real world capacities?

March 19, 2011 - 8:06pm -- breadman_nz

OK - so Ihave the option of picking up a used Hobart N50 G (older model) or a used 12 quart A120. I currently own and enjoy a DLX2000, but want to try planetary, and have a bit of a collector's mentality - can't help it!

After searching for "N50" and pretty much reading every post on TFL, I'm curious as to your real world experiences with an N50 in terms of capacity. I'd rather have "more than I need now" so I can expand operations if need be. I usually do 1-2kg batches of bread doughs including 100% wholemeal (but not wholegrain or rye - yet).

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