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80% hydration baguettes

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Outside hard and black but inside still soft and smelly

September 12, 2012 - 2:52am -- Wei Hrn

This is my 2nd time doing baguette and it turns out to be the same result. The baguette smells yeasty oily when baking. After baking the outside hard and brown but inside still soft and smells weird. But i only use 3-4 drops of oil to grease the container for proofing. At the last proofing the dough din't rise much althought i put it for more than an hour. I don't have a stand mixer so i can only use my hands. Need some help please newbie here.

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Tried photographing some baguettes

January 20, 2012 - 6:19pm -- jamonation

Well, I tried making baguettes with 80% hydration and got a soft and chewy crumb, but without large holes. It was still quite airy, but not what I was after. Searching around for the cause of said lack of holes and discovered this site. Quite impressive, I think I'll have to continue vistiting now.

As a way of introduction, and of saying thanks for the site, here's a photo of my baguettes.

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