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7-quart mixer

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OK, I've joined the club--that is the searchers for new mixers.  My 10-year-old K/A is still OK but starting to make squeaky noises, mostly at the join plate next to the body where the back of the bowl snaps down.  I've had it serviced twice in the past couple of years and am now observing the rules (y'know--the manual) and staying in second gear (er-speed).  But now I want something with more oomph and larger capacity; 7 qt. seems just about right for my kitchen, as I want to be able to make more loaves than the three 1.5-lb ones that the K/A can handle (but, remember, it's starting to squeak!).  And I want a better kneading action.  I've read a lot of posts on TFL, looked online (Pleasant Hill Grain,, E-bay).  (I learned that Cyril Hitz likes the Viking.)  If you've had experience with the Vollrath 7-qt. table model 40755, the Pro-7 qt. Viking, the Waring WSM7Q (7 qt) or the Electrolux DXL 7 qt, I'd love to hear it.  Already have read lots about the Bosch Universal, but, hey, feel free!  The Waring online is very, very reasonable!  (Surprisingly, I just heard from a local friend who dissed the DXL--I'm going to give it a test run in a couple of weeks).  I want to buy this mixer within a month or so, so I'd love to hear all your stories.  Actually, I've volunteered as team captain for a group who'll bake many, many challah loaves for a giant Food Fair our synagogue is putting on this coming August 19 (if you're in the vicinity of Santa Rosa, CA, keep your eyes peeled.)!

Thanks!  --Joyful

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