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7 Quart

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Cuisinart 7 Quart, 1000 Watt, Silver Mixer for Sale -- I'll entertain a best offer!

October 26, 2009 - 1:54pm -- davidinportland

Hi All, 

I'm moving to NYC to a small (but great) loft. My kitchen is going to be much smaller and I need to sell certain things that I don't have room for. First to go, sadly, is my 7 quart Cuisinart, which I love. But, I simply won't have room for it and am going to be able to keep only my smaller KitchenAid. I bought it 6 or so months ago, have posted here about how great I think it is, and it is in perfect condition.

I use all my equipment very gently and carefully. The mixer will include:

1. Mixer body

2. Whisk

3. Paddle

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