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65% whole grain

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Hello all!  I've been reading this site and playing with artisan breads for.. oh 6 weeks now.  Anyway, great site and great information, thanks!  

Recently I bought a cookbook called Good to the Grain which has recipes with a bunch of different flours, including brown butter scones with teff, buckwheat cookies and more.  So, being rather poor at following recipes, I decided to make something up with my stock of weird flours for extra flavors. O M G! I ate half of the first loaf the first day.  I'm not sure that I can describe the flavor...sweet and rich... thats not quite right.  But I would like to share, cuz it was so yummy.

Biga/Poolish thing:

50 g millet

70 g barley

40 g teff

170 g whole wheat

320 g water

1/8-1/4 tsp yeast

I made at night and put immediately in the fridge at 9:30 pm.

Final Dough


180 g AP

tsp yeast 

85 g water (on the warmish side to warm up the cold dough)

17 g salt (TB)


Autolyse 30 minutes without salt.  Added salt and did the French slap fold thing for maybe 5 minutes (where you pick it up bang the end on the table, stretch and fold it over).  Then I did 3-4  envelope thingys over the next 3 hours.  Shaped (not so good at that yet), rose and baked at 500 5 minutes with steam and then turned down to 450.  Not sure how long, used a thermometer  for doneness.

I want to try other breads (I have a starter in the fridge) yet I'm making this again for tomorrow! I'm addicted. Let me know what you think!  Thanks, Halimah

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