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1-2-3 sourdough

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Whole Wheat/Rye dead

February 21, 2010 - 6:30am -- AnnaInMD

I had set our taste buds to fresh wheat/rye bread with sauerkraut and corned beef.  Doggonit. The dough didn't rise at all. I usually have great success with the 1.2.3 step but wanted to substitute white/bread flour for 60% wheat and 40% rye. Did the resting, the folding, the overnite retard, and there it sits like a stone in the banneton. I am at the point of starting over and had an epiphany. Could I use part of the nonrisen dough as part of a new effort and how would I do this ?

Thanks all !


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After hanging out here for a few months, I stumbled onto someone talking about the "1-2-3" bread.  I was intrigued!  What a great way to bake every day for pennies, and practice new techniques with, what would have been, throw-away stuff. 

So, last night after refreshing both my liquid and stiff starters (the liquid starter hadn't been refreshed in about 2 weeks) I put the throw away portions of both together in a container and sprinkled a bit of flour over them.  This morning I pulled the cold throw-away starter out of the fridge and put it in my KA mixing bowl and weighed it: 152 grams.  So, based on the super simple technique, "1" is your starter, "2" is your water, and "3" is your flour.  Once you have the weight of your starter, then "1" x 2 equals the weight of your water, and "1" x 3 equals the weight of your flour.  Then I add 2% of flour weight in salt.  No recipe needed, no book, just a scale. 

So, I started with cold starter and mixed it up with the water, then put in the flour and mixed for a minute, then autolyse for about 40 min, then added salt, mixed a little and began the very long ferment.  I SF'd about 4 times over 6 hours.  It took forever to start to see any growth, but it finally happened.  Shaped and proofed for an hour, then baked.  This came out fabulous! 

After baking I like to brush the excess flour off the outside of the loaf with a soft pastry brush.  My scores could have been a little deeper. 


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