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Sourdough success but could be improved

November 10, 2012 - 7:25am -- livingthehomest...

I have successfully made a basic sourdough loaf of bread and a sourdough sandwich loaf with 2 Tablespoons of oil and honey. I am however noticing that my loaves are quite heavy. The flavor is perfect in my opinion, the texture is great. i think it could maybe rise a little more, but it is rising above the top of the pan. Any ideas about what I could be doing wrong?

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Baked off the 20 hour retarded boule that was identical in every way to the non retarded one  baked yesterday.  The crust on this bread is even better than the non retarded one.  But the crumb is more airy on the non retarded one.  The taste is better on the retarded boule but the texture is better on the non retarded one.  I have to call this a draw.  Both have their strong points and both are very good SD breads.  It was a nice experiment to complete and not what was expected.  I though that the retarded loaf would win hands down but this was not the case.  Here are some pix's.

A nice grilled cheese w/ beer can chicken sandwich for lunch



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