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Baking for Special Needs

Allergies, gluten-free, diabetes, this is the place to discuss baking to accommodate dietary restrictions be they medical, religious, or philosophical.

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Gluten-free bread vs. Sourdough method for digestibility

January 19, 2017 - 10:46am -- SimplicityRebel

I am new to the forums here, so thank you for the opportunity to pose a question to the more experienced bakers out there! Or even less experienced bakers who have this particular expertise!

I have been researching the differences between "added yeast" breads and traditionally risen sourdough breads from the standpoint of digestibility. Then along comes the idea of breads that are gluten-free, as gluten has seemed to be rather villainized recently. With my background in holistic health, this has created quite a conundrum for me!

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gluten free bread with sorghum has very sharp after taste. Why?

September 6, 2016 - 7:44am -- grandma08

I have recently made several loaves with varying amounts of sorghum.  All had a significant sharp aftertaste.  I have read online that it has a taste that closely mimics wheat bread.  This was really disappointing.  The bread loaves were all so bad that we had to throw them.  This is too expensive to keep on experimenting with.  I used Bobs Red Mill.  I have changed now to trying millet only to see if that would make a difference.  This bread was not sharp, but still has a sort of metalic aftertaste.  Can anyone help me understand this?

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Making gluten-free bagels with wheat flour

August 26, 2016 - 1:02pm -- pmccool

So I get this note from the culinary center where I teach periodically saying that an individual had called in because they were struggling to make gluten-free bagels with wheat flour.  The caller wanted to know if there was a class available that might help them.

You'll want to let that sink in a bit before posting a reply.  I certainly did.  Here's a person that needs education, not vilification. 

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Looking for GF cake recipes

August 2, 2016 - 6:54am -- clazar123

I love to expand my repertoire of experience and occasionally have occasion to bake GF for a friend-doing my best to make my kitchen G-free in preparation.

So what is YOUR favorite GF cake (or cupcake or tea cake) recipe-any flavor. Make sure to include any hints or techniques to make it delicious-I am only slightly experienced in this arena.


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