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Summer loaf-in

June 30, 2015 - 12:37pm -- gastromonica

Our new house is normally on the chillier side (~64F) and I am still learning what this means for my wild yeast breads, which seem more sluggish now than in our sunnier former digs. 

Happily, this week's forecast is warm with a chance of oven spring! 

30% freshly milled whole wheat, 70% white, 85% hydration. Made with a levain, Chad Robertson-style. 

dablues's picture

100% White Whole Wheat Bread @ 100% Hydration Or More

June 2, 2015 - 6:38am -- dablues

First time trying 100% whole wheat bread and am not sure what needs to be done regarding crumb.  Also, am not sure if it should have been baked more.  Question?  I baked mine in a pan for the first 20 minutes.  Steam for 15 minutes, removed from pan and placed on Pizza Stone.  Finished baking for a total of 35 minutes, plus left in oven for another 10 with door cracked open.  Baked at 450F.  Hydration was probably a bit over 100%. 


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