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Introductions and Ideas

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Please introduce yourself and give us your feedback on the site!

mikescooling's picture

Hi I'm new here, from Chicago

July 31, 2014 - 12:26am -- mikescooling

Hi I'm Mike, I started making my own bread to save money.  I get the 50 lbs sack of bread flour and big bag of yeast from Costco.  It seems to last a long time.  My super simple bread seems to be a big hit among friends.  I bake it in a small cast iron dutch oven with a lid.  I'm just starting to play around with what happens if I let the kitchenAid mixer run longer than 5 minutes.

I use 3.5 cups of bread flour

1.5 TBSP of yeast

1.25 cups of 110F water

Bröterich's picture

Just saying hello

July 30, 2014 - 1:59pm -- Bröterich

I got interested in baking again after having seen the New York Times article on no knead baking. Then I stumbled on this wonderful website. I've been lurking for a bit and learned quite a bit from various posts.

Now I am into sourdough and other breads and love it.

Thanks to all for your wonderful and helpful contributions.


My Quirky Recipe's picture

Sharing another recipe video...

July 28, 2014 - 6:14am -- My Quirky Recipe

This is based on my other video "Easy Crusty Bread Rolls".  Basically the same bread with toppings. 

These are really 'cheat' breads that skip kneading and shaping.  They may not be as beautiful as properly made breads, but considering how little effort they require, they're fabulous fresh out of the oven!  If you've enjoyed the video, please feel free to share it.  And I'd appreciate any feedback.  Jo :o)

Hanzosbm's picture


July 27, 2014 - 2:09pm -- Hanzosbm

Hello all,

I found your site this morning while looking for new ideas and techniques and I love the site.  Looks like there's tons of wisdom around here and I look forward to learning more and hopefully being able to give some back.

JOHN DULANEY's picture

What chance do 2 amateurs have of being a success in baking for profit?

July 24, 2014 - 9:31pm -- JOHN DULANEY

My wife, Jojo, and I have been retired for 3 years but are bored.

She has been all her life and when she made some chocolate chip oatmeal cookies for our niece our niece asked for 60 to sell at school. They sold immediately. The niece, only selling 2 hrs. on Saturdays, has been ordering 120 cookies ever since and in 2 hrs. she sells them all.

So, Jojo started baking a wide variety and the niece sells them all fast and wants to enlarge business.

We are Americans, my wife is dual national Filipino/US, retired in Mandaluyong, Manila.

flavordeliverer's picture

Hey guys. New baker here.

July 24, 2014 - 1:55pm -- flavordeliverer

I'm very new to professionally baking but I got my first position 2 months ago in Chicago. I'm extemely passionate, hardworking, and I never stop learning. I'm very open to new things and since I'm a clean slate, I've been trying to learn the way things are really supposed to be done. 

I'm very focused AND I moved here for this position so bread is, hands-down, my life right now. However, the bakery I work at does not want to give us OT or give anymore salary positions so I'm forced with short 8 hour days. What am I supposed to do with the rest of my day??

chimig's picture

Not sure if this is where to post but help please.

July 24, 2014 - 2:35am -- chimig

First post. I'm just a student trying to get better at bread making. I understand the concept and process, but cant seem to execute. I have yet to master basic yeast flour water salt bread.

I do a 65% hydration dough. Throw it all together and knead til windowpane. I've done it in the mixer and by hand with the same result. I let it rise til doubled, shape, then let it double again. I think my fault is in the shaping. My crust comes out shaggy, uneven and ugly. 


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