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A forum for bread baking challenges.

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Newbie** pizza stone: can I bake pumpkin bread in loaf pans on stone??

October 23, 2016 - 5:20am -- Ohsusanname

hi there! New baker here and I have an oven that cant keep up with the amount I need to bake. I bake pumpkin bread in loaf pans and when i bake more than two at a time (and sometimes just two at a time)  they come out different every time.... undercooked in the middle.

my question: would a pizza stone help even Out my oven temperature and if so,  do I Put the pizza stone on the rack with the loaf pans or on the bottom rack?


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Sourdough Ciabatta 80% hydration using double hydration method

October 20, 2016 - 8:52am -- quinny

lemon Rosemary Ciabatta

Hello. This is the 2nd time I worked on this ciabatta recipe. The first time it was totally under-proofed. I am not sure if I got it right this time. I can see that the crumb is more open but I suspect that it might be able to go a bit further. Because the dough was slightly tight when I tried to stretch it.

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Troubleshooting the failed 75% whole wheat bread

October 18, 2016 - 12:15am -- Vbake

Hi all, 

So this is the second recipe I followed from FWSY. And it failed :(

So,  I need your help and experience to understand why and perform the root cause analysis(RCA) , just like what we use in our office. 


1. When I autolysed the flour it was bit stiff compared to the white wheat flour. Seems like whole wheat absorbs more water. 

2. Room and dough temperature was constantly at 32 C

3. I didn't use water to dissolve my instant yeast. 

4. I gave fermentation around 6 hours and still yhe dough didn't rise enough. 

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First Time Posting, troubleshooting sourdough boule

October 14, 2016 - 3:46pm -- sourbro

Hello, everyone! Novice baker here (one month) introducing myself by way of seeking guidance about the recipeI've been working on. Recipe is based on the Tartine process

The challenges I'm facing right now are in dough strength (quite loose after coming out of the banneton) and proofed dough sticking to the cloth lining. My process is as follows:

Autolyse, 1 hour

  • 500g white
  • 500g whole wheat
  • 800g water at 78°-80°

Mix, 10 minutes

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Young baker in charge, but never had a mentor...

October 4, 2016 - 6:07pm -- MakingBakingBread

Hello bread people! 

I am a twenty something "head" baker at a bakery in Canada, and with only books for resources Im looking for some more help. 

My bread is pretty decent I believe, my consistency and level of understanding is lacking for sure. Im very militant about temps and times, but for factors that i cant seem see, i struggle putting the same(within reason) loaves on the shelfs everyday.

Heres my bread/routine-

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Proofing baskets

September 24, 2016 - 2:35pm -- Vbake

Hi all,  

I am following Flour water salt yeast and now at a stage where I am searching and collecting  equipments to get going. 

I am really struggling to find a proofing basket as i am based in india. Ones on Amazon are expensive as they are from US.  

 Is there any other workaround for using them? 

Can I use something else instead? Will it affect the quality ? 

Thank you, 


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Need help with marquis wheat

September 24, 2016 - 10:29am -- cctraveller

I am asking for my Mother in law who doesn't use a computer. She has been grinding her own whole grain flour and baking her whole life using highly hybridized wheat. Recently she switched to a heritage marquis wheat but can't get her loaves to rise. She uses yeast, not sour dough, and uses pans for second rise and shape. (I do not bake). Is there a trick to using this heritage grain? Should it be ground a certain way, less/more kneading, a specific type of yeast works better, add more gluten? Any advise would be helpful.

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70% Whole Wheat with Flax & Sunflower Seeds

September 18, 2016 - 2:58pm -- quinny

First time making 70% whole wheat bread. The crumb looked pretty closed but the mouth feel was not dense (forgot to take a photo of the crumb). But the loaf definitely didn't have much oven spring. I followed Tartine Bread's formula, added 2 cups of boiling water to soak 1 cup of flax seeds. Because of a very slack dough, I couldn't shape it properly. Anyone has made bread with flax seeds before? What should be the water to seed ratio? Total hydration was about 125%. Also, I was wondering if the dough was in fact under-fermented, therefore it was so slack?

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how to get bloom without baking in a DO? help needed

September 16, 2016 - 11:56pm -- bakert85

hey everyone, I have a question i really need to get answered.

while i get good results when baking in a dutch oven, i do want to bake bigger breads like a miche, and not just round boules. another problem i have with the dutch oven is the lose of gas when putting it in (its not a combo cooker) and the hardships of scoring it.

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Containers for Dough

September 16, 2016 - 10:28pm -- Vbake

Hi all, 

I am from India and I have never baked bread before. 

I decided to get a copy of Ken Forkish's Flour water salt yeast. I am happy with the content and thr instructions.

My only issue is that I am from India and I am unable to get any equipments he mentioned in the book.  I am ordering the Dutch oven from Amazon US at a hefty price but buying other things like polycarbonate containers at the price at a landing price of 3 times the original cost of the it,  does not make any sense. 

I need to help in finding alternatives.


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