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A forum for bread baking challenges.

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Wheat bread at sea level...what in the world is happening? Help!

December 19, 2014 - 3:26pm -- kristenajohnson

Hello all,

I've been a fan of this site for years, but have only just registered as a user. I'd love your thoughts and suggestions for a weird issue that has cropped up with my wheat bread; but first, a little background. I've been baking a batch (three loaves) of whole wheat bread weekly for almost three years. Aside from the once midnight baking where I mistakenly omitted the butter, I've never had any issues (see happy loaves above).

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December 13, 2014 - 5:17pm -- yaquddus

howdy i have opened a bagelry on Kauai HI.  i bake bagels in the new york traditional syle.  i spend two days developing the poolash.  two more days developing the dough.  then boil them.  and place on soaked burlap boards. then into the oven.  my question is how do i prepare the bulap so as not to have the "hairs"  stick to the bagels?  i am accused of hair on my bagels but it is from the burlap.  also new burlap leaves black ink from the the stripe in the bagel burlap for  at leaste the first four bakes or so.


thanx for your time and any information.

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Help! Brioche problem

December 10, 2014 - 7:28pm -- madbakerbakes

I've been baking with Jane Mason's brioche recipe, of all the ones I've tried, hers works well in a warm humid climate like mine. She is the author of All You Knead is Bread.

Here is the recipe:

250g all purpose white wheat flour

2.5g dry yeast/1.25g instant yeast

15g sugar

50g milk heated to boiling point then cooled to RT

5g salt

2 eggs

125 stick butter RT


The first time I tried this recipe it turned out really great! The smell was amazing the crumb was soft and buttery.

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Flour everywhere!

December 10, 2014 - 8:01am -- Nora Claire

Ok so maybe this is naive of me, BUT-

is there an simpler way or preventative measure for dealing with flour dust and cleaning up loose flour from kneading?

after kneading on my work bench there's flour everywhere. But even harder to clean up is the dust coating my entire sink/counter/dish drainer area after shaking out my couche. flouring the couche BEFORE lining my colander (for boules) is also a very messy ordeal.

If there is no solution for minimizing this, is there some sort of magic device/product for easier clean-up?

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My own version of the "take n bake"

December 10, 2014 - 2:27am -- Aileen Reid

Before I started baking my own bread, I would often buy the frozen "partially cooked" artisan bread loaves to keep in  my freezer.  15 minutes in the oven and I had what was supposed to be a fresh baked loaf of bread.   

I have been experimenting with my cooking times, removing my bread from the oven at the partially cooked stage and freezing it, then finishing it off at a later date.  has anyone else experimented with this.

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Why can't I get any oven spring?

November 19, 2014 - 5:55pm -- genialjenny

Hi. I'm an amateur at bread making and I've only recently started baking bread since June/July til now. I'm also new to this site. I found this site while I was searching for some answers to my bread woes when I stumbled upon this page, and my, how helpful all the comments and forums are! So I decided to join the club. :)

Anyway, I have been having problems with oven spring. Actually, I have NEVER gotten oven spring before, except for the one time when I used Rose Levy's brioche recipe from "The Bread Bible". And even then, the oven spring was minimal.


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