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For Sale

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Items like books or mixers for sale.

rkimmel2's picture

20QT Hobart

May 19, 2016 - 9:22am -- rkimmel2

Sadly, the day has arrived when my Bosch Universal makes more bread than we can handle.  I have a wonderful Hobart A-200 with both types of dough hooks, other new accessories and professionally rebuilt by a Hobart Professional.  This machine has decades of life left and never has let me down.  Sorry, pickup only in Ocean City, MD but what the heck, bring the kids and have a great day or two at the beach.  $800 or best offer.  443-880-2356

patman23's picture

Electrolux Kitchen Assistant

April 30, 2016 - 7:51am -- patman23

Howdy all!


I'm selling my base mixer. It's got everything with it, the plastic bowl with shaft and mixing head with the two sets of mixing beaters. It's got he scraper and the kneading bar and the tumbler. It also has the 7.5qy stainless bowl.

I LOVE this mixer, problem is, the wife is gluten intolerant and I just never bake anymore. I'm selling it for $430.00 plus shipping cost from Dayton, Ohio. Originally $700.00


Thanks for looking!


Housemaidsknee's picture

Perfect condition Retsel Mill-rite with steel and stone grinding wheels, brass auger $375 shipped

April 6, 2016 - 12:39pm -- Housemaidsknee

My parents, in all their wisdom, got us this ~ two year ago. We've hardly used it - and as you know, these come with a lifetime warranty. New without shipping, these are $675 from Retsel. This was bought directly from Retsel and I have the emails/invoice for warranty purposes. 

We're moving to the SF bay area - and are taking this opportunity to downsize - so this is a great opportunity for someone who has been eyeing this for a while. If you want to chat more, please PM me and I'm happy to follow up with any details. 

mikeortelle's picture

Bakery Equipment for sale

April 1, 2016 - 7:49pm -- mikeortelle

Hi Bakers,

I have a few items for sale, 2 single door commercial refrigerators and a single phase Hobart 60qt mixer. 

I just closed my bakery and am moving out of state so I'm looking to sell them ASAP. 

If you are interested, please email me at and I'll send you pics and more info. I live in Petaluma, CA (SF bay area) but freight is an option I can help with. 

Happy Baking!


Downsizing Senior's picture

GrainMaker 116 Mill w/ Motor, Flywheel/Crank, Lifetime Warranty, Pristine Condition

March 19, 2016 - 4:43pm -- Downsizing Senior

My wife and I are organizing for a "retirement move" to a place where we just won't have room for our mill.  We'll be very sad to give it up, but that's life.

The mill is a GrainMaker 116, complete with custom 1/3 HP motor and flywheel/crank assembly.  It is in pristine condition, having been very gently used and lovingly cared for.  That includes all parts, the motor, the beautiful red finish and the burrs.  See photos at the auction listing, linked below.

KandV_Bake's picture


February 22, 2016 - 3:12pm -- KandV_Bake

Hello All,

I have a 2015 MIWE Condo 4 deck hearth oven for sale. The oven is in like new condition with only 4 months of total use. This oven performed phenomenally and would be a great addition to any start up or existing bakery. Brand new we paid 46K. Asking 35K includes 2 dough setters. 

Oven and shipping location Los Angeles CA 

Oven is currently installed and operational. I am available to show the oven to serious buyers. 

davidinberkeley's picture

For Sale: TWO (2) Bosch Compact Mixers, Very Good Condition and Not Used Much at All

February 8, 2016 - 2:08pm -- davidinberkeley

Hi! I have two lightly used (fewer than 20x on one of them and fewer than 10x on another) for sale. How'd I end up with two, well, you all understand mixers and their allure. But, I have moved to a smaller house with a compact kitchen and really don't need to keep either one. I just use my Kitchen Aid now. 


They each come with:



Whisk, primary wire attachment, and dough hook

Bowl cover


They're in perfect condition. 


I'd sell both for $225. They're worth $199 each new. 





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