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Costco No Longer Carrying Central Milling Flour in California

February 6, 2017 - 12:36am -- Wild-Yeast

Costco is no longer carrying Central Milling Bread flour in California and the Southwest. They are continuing supply in the Northwest. Instead they're offering plain all purpose organic (unbleached) flour supplied by Ardent Mills (two 10# at ~$10 and change). It does not contain diastatic malt. So for many of us another, too good to be true supply situation has come to a slippery end.

I am now completely open to any and all ideas on an alternate supply chain arrangement. One is to make runs up to Keith Giusto in Petaluma for a couple of 50# per trip.


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buying bulk flour in MA

February 2, 2017 - 2:09pm -- bauglir

Hi everyone,

I know that a lot of people have posted about buying bulk flour but a lot of it seems to be area-specific.  I'm wondering if anyone knows where I can buy 50# bags of King Arthur in the greater Boston area (~1 hour drive outside Boston) or have it shipped without being affiliated with a bakery/foodservice business.


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Where do you buy your flour in bulk?

February 2, 2017 - 8:43am -- Ogi the Yogi

Hey Everyone, 

I live in Austin Texas and there is not a huge bread culture here (at the moment). There is a brand new mill that opened Barton Spring Mills but it only does wholesale.

I do of places like Central Milling. Can anyone recommend some other options?

I am looking to buy some speciality flours like Type 85 flour for my breads and Durum Flour, start experimenting with einhorn and maybe emmer if I can afford it.

Thank you!  


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whey powder vs dry milk

January 26, 2017 - 4:22pm -- AndyPanda

This has probably been discussed before but I wasn't able to find my answer with a search.

I generally bake whole wheat sandwich bread and I usually add a few tablespoons of dry milk powder.   I was wondering about how dry whey powder might behave compared to the milk powder.

I'm not sure, but my sense of it is that whey powder would add the milk protein without adding the milk sugar that I'm adding with dry milk now.

Curious if anyone has baked with both and can describe how the texture or other properties might change using whey powder vs dry milk.     

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3 gm protein flour vs.4 gm

January 20, 2017 - 8:26am -- iduhpres

I am wondering if I will get worse results using a 10% protein flour? I was in Costco and they sell a 25 pound sack of flour but it only is at 10% protein more or less. I am supposing it is actually a bit higher than ten percent but since they only show 3 gm protein [er 1/4 cup, that comes out to 10%. The flour is supposed to be for commercial use. the price is right on it but I son't want to invest in 25 pounds if it is going to deliver bad results.


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