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Any type of bread that doesn't fall into the other buckets: herb breads, sandwich breads, fruit and nut breads, anything else you enjoy.

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New Orleans Poboy Bread Revisited

August 1, 2015 - 2:03pm -- Gumbeaux

Just finished my Summer semester in culinary school and wanted to revisit my quest for creating real New Orleans Poboby bread. I have viewed and tried most of the recipes on here and so far have come up short. Some have the correct crumb but not crust or flavor, some have the correct crust but not crumb, etc. Not saying they are bad, in fact most are really good, but they’re just not the real deal.

The one recipe I hadn’t tried was this one: .

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Rye Bread Needs Rescuing

July 29, 2015 - 5:47pm -- ntosaj

Hullo folks!

First time posting here about bread, I posted earlier about buying an Assistent or a Globe, the former won! Now I've made brioche quite happily with the Assistent as well as wholewheat, rye and white bread, however in making rye this time I seem to have hit a wall.

I decided to try a an old recipe that was given to me and figured I'd make use of some very precious rye flour (type 997) that I brought home when I visited my family outside of Berlin. The recipe calls for:

-300g rye (I only realized later on that a footnote specified type 1370)

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Wholemeal Beetroot Bread

July 20, 2015 - 7:19am -- TimW

In former times when kitchens were run on the principle that nothing should be wasted vegetables were often added to bread dough. Eliza Acton(1857) lists rice, potatoes, beans, parsnips, turnips and beetroot as possible adjuncts although she says "it is only in cases of real need that such an expedient is recommended".

In real need of some unusual bread I have determined the following proportions for 4lb of wholemeal beetroot bread dough of good consistency.

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Bulk bread cooling

July 13, 2015 - 8:27am -- productionbaker

I own a large artisan bakery. With the egg shortage we have all most tripled our production in the last few months and looking at a few more contracts.

We were using a 20' x 10' room with a 2 ton HVAC unit and ceiling fans on low. We had the room set to 80*F and never had any issues until recently. As we were done baking our breads, cakes, and pastries we would push the racks into the cooling room and hang out till they were ready to cut and package. The room is also used for over flow of backed goods to keep work areas uncluttered.

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Double or Triple in Size - what allows it to have enough strength to double

July 12, 2015 - 4:55am -- barryvabeach

I have been making bread for quite some time ( nearly all 100% home milled wheat ) and have noticed that some recipes call for bulk fermentation until the dough doubles in size, some call for less and say increase 50% in volume.  I have learned from past mistakes that if you let that dough go too long, and it grows to 2 1/2 to 3 times its size, it gets gooey, and when you try to shape it, it does not work well and won't get any oven spring ( I would say over proofed, though often I see that term used in connection with final proof )  


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