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The real deal.

bread1965's picture

Thank you for the Levain help - my first levain bread!

July 5, 2015 - 7:24pm -- bread1965

Hi Everyone, thank you for the help with developing a levain in other posts this past week. It's hard not having a reference point to know if it's all turning out properly.  

But today, after starting the levain from scratch only on Tuesday using Forkish's FWSY method (i now know too early and way too wasteful of flour - lessons learned), I made Pain du Campagne.. Arguably my best bread yet.

Sebastos156's picture

Method for mechanical gluten development in sticky dough other than slap n' fold and using a mixer?

July 4, 2015 - 5:36pm -- Sebastos156

I love the slap and fold, it's incredibly exciting to me and I have nothing against it - the trouble is basic empathy and self-preservation. I live in a "poorly" sound-insulated apartment complex. I don't have a mixer and won't get one before long.

Gmw76's picture

Deflated dough after scoring

June 21, 2015 - 3:26pm -- Gmw76

Ok so go gentle as I am new to this pastime. I have been trying to get better at a basic white loaf. Original attempts with60% hydration appeared to form too stiff a dough with little elasticity despite 10mins kneading.

Tried 66% hydration which was very sticky but appeared better, I let raise for 90mins room temp then knocked back and shaped for loaf tin. After proofing for 1 hr in the loaf tin I went to score the surface. The dough deflated like a balloon. 

I baked anyway but bread appears rubbery, dense and has small hole structure. 


Rodger's picture

Counter surface

June 21, 2015 - 9:12am -- Rodger

"Artisan Baking" is probably not the prescribed subcategory for my question, but ultimately it is a question about making great bread at home.

We're planning to remodel the kitchen, and in doing so I will get dedicated counter space for preparing bread.  Here's the question: what is the best surface material? 

bread1965's picture

Cold retarding timing help..

June 19, 2015 - 6:54pm -- bread1965

Hi Everyone.. last week I made the FWSY recipe for 50% whole wheat with biga... i learned that my room temp was too high and the overnight bulk fermentation went too far and over proofed (?) my dough..

Based on everyone's feedback I'm going to try and cold retard the dough overnight. Here's my question. I have the option of putting the dough in my fridge (probably about 35 - 40 degrees) or in a cold cellar that sits at a pretty constant 55 degrees..

Sebastos156's picture

Short final rise and suboptimal crumb structure in baguettes

June 18, 2015 - 4:11pm -- Sebastos156

Here's my recipe, in short:

275 g strong white all-purpose flour from Meunerie Milanaise

1/3 of total flour from an 80% hydration overnight preferment

68% overall hydration

1/2 tsp salt

1/4 tsp instant yeast (and a pinch for preferment)

Make preferment and allow to sit for 8-12 hours

Mix the dry ingredients, then add the water and mix together with the preferment (thoroughly, pinch method)

Let rest for 3 hours with 5 stretch and folds comprising four movements each, spaced by 30 minutes

farmboy236's picture

Effects of hydration percentage on fermentation

June 18, 2015 - 8:00am -- farmboy236

  Could anyone educate me on the effects of dough hydration percentage on fermentation?  Does hydration percentage effect taste or just extensibility and  structure ?  What are the different effects of fermentation temps on different hydration doughs?  How will time and temperature effect different hydration percentages?

Helena's picture

sweet yeasted breads and flours

June 15, 2015 - 11:54am -- Helena

If the experienced bakers could advise. Which of the following flours would be the best for a loaf of chocolate yeasted bread; it needs to have a nice appearance as well as taste good, will be baked with convection mode on my oven. I need to make a number of them. What would be your preference? I have all of the below currently:

KA all purpose, unbleached

Hodgson all purp. unbleached (which has lower protein content than KA)

Red Mill unbleached white fine pastry flour (no where on line can I find out this protein content)


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