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Wife made bread

July 24, 2016 - 7:11pm -- BXMurphy

So, here's me with my scales, test tubes, thermometers, and bubbling goo struggling to make a decent loaf. All my timing was thrown off by an overloaded schedule. Even refrigeration went a day too long.

And there's my saintly wife, standing there, smiling, after I come home from four or five hours of work with two perfectly baked loaves done old school.

I want to throw myself out the window. :)

Soft, white, warm... bread just like Mommy would have done. <sigh> If it weren't for her, I probably wouldn't have had bread this week.

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Big Green Egg loaf: too much smoky flavor and aroma

July 24, 2016 - 3:20pm -- Bench

I'm a long time bread baker and new owner of a Big Green Egg. The loaves are fine but the smoky flavor and aroma  is too strong. I'm using BGE charcoal and the BGE heat shield. I haven't used the Egg for anything else but bread. I'd welcome any suggestions. I chose the BGE because I thought a wood burning oven was too ambitious.

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Salt added to levain

July 15, 2016 - 8:09pm -- BXMurphy

Stupid me, I added all the salt (1.7%) of the formula to the levain.

I don't think I'm doomed but I do believe I'm in for a longer ferment of that levain. I had planned to retard it for 20 hours or so.

Plan B is to skip the fridge for half that time and let it bubble on the counter at about 77°F. I've already done 3-4 hours at about 94°F because I read elsewhere that dabrownman said that that was a good thing to do. :) I'm good like that.

I'm doing an 800g dough at 20% levain and 75% hydration using just AP.

What's your best guess of the outcome?

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Selling baked goods online: Do you or don't you?

July 15, 2016 - 9:41am -- Shopbake

Hello everyone! We're a bakery marketplace called Are there any amateur bakers and artisan bread enthusiasts here interested in taking a quick survey to help us build out our new online bakery tools? It will only take a few minutes, and you'll be entered into a draw to win 1 of 5 gift cards to your choice of Starbucks or Amazon. Here's the link:

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Mini oven. Help!

July 11, 2016 - 10:35pm -- leahpeia

Hi! I'm a newbie in this baking industry. I just started my baking class yesterday and did my first dinner roll.

I want to practice making dinner rolls as I wait for my next baking class but the problem is I don't know what mini/electric/convection ovens to buy. We still don't have enough space for a gas oven so counter top oven is my target for the time being.

I've read some reviews online that you can't make sponge cakes using small convection ovens. Is it true? Please help. 

What are the things I should consider before buying countertop oven?


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