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Paris (France) - bakeries & bread baking supply shops

June 22, 2015 - 7:41am -- MJ Sourdough

Hi Freshloafers

I am travelling to Paris, Chablis and Beaune in July. Just wanted to check if anyone had any suggestions for good bread bakeries, generap bakeries and bread baking supply shops in Paris. I know Poilane, but i am looking for others. I am really interested in a shops that sell bread baking accessories and supplies.

I figured The Freshloaf would be the best place to start my research.

Thanks in advance!

MJ Sourdough







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Help with Shiptons Three Malt and sunflower flour

June 22, 2015 - 7:28am -- Wobblycogs

I've bought a couple of bags of the three malt flour   from Shiptons, with the hope I can make a 'granary' type loaf, which is SWMBO's favourite fodder.

I have read that this flour produces a rather heavy loaf; by this I presume the bread will be tight, and more dense than other breads.  As  the LOML likes her bread to be soft and 'new' in texture, should I 'cut' the three malts with a small proportion of white bread flour?

Any ideas welcome.

My Thanks in anticipation.


Back to work on my lamb-pie recipe. Must perfect it!



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Sourdough starter question

June 19, 2015 - 1:51pm -- joann1536

My dad had a buddy back in World War II, a guy of Basque heritage, who used to do a lot of cooking and baking so they wouldn't have to eat mess hall chow.  According to my dad, he used to make sourdough with a starter that was firm enough to remain in a little ball.  It was used to make the dough, then a chunk of the dough was broken off and saved in the flour sack until next bake.  Has anyone ever heard of doing this?  I'm just curious.  It seems like it'd dry out sitting in the sack.

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I'm getting better at this

June 16, 2015 - 10:57am -- elaiesay

A few months ago, a friend casually mentioned that supermarket bread is loaded with chemicals and preservatives.  Which is something I'm sure I knew if I thought about it, but was trying not to think about it.  I've never been a good bread baker.  So I got on The Fresh Loaf and looked around for a multi-grain recipe, and found this one (Dolf posted it, but it appears he is no longer on here).  I have played around with the method and I'm finally getting a good loaf of bread.  Thank you for this website and all the advice on here. 


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