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Grains and milling

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If you are into milling at home, this is the place for you.

shebelzidar's picture

Marathon Uni-mill

April 27, 2016 - 5:55pm -- shebelzidar

Greetings Bread Bakers


I've had a MARATHON UNI-MILL for about thirty years.  It works great but I accidentally

melted the funnel tray and hopper drawer in my oven while drying them.

Does any one have these parts or know where I can find them?  It seems a shame

to get a newer mill when this one is a perfectly-working stone mill.


Holly (aka Shebelzedar).

chriswrightcycles's picture

Interchangeability of test sieves

April 7, 2016 - 12:21pm -- chriswrightcycles


I'm ready to add a handful of test sieves to my collection, and in a effort to save some cash I plan on sourcing these second hand on eBay. Can anyone here speak to the compatibility of test sieves from various manufacturers. For instance, can I pair a 12" VWR sieve with a 12" Tyler sieve? 

Does anyone here mix and match like this?

Thanks in advance,



A BakEr's picture

Semolina Flour Vs Durum Wheat flour

March 23, 2016 - 3:59am -- A BakEr

Semolina is the grit, or bran, from the wheat grain and is the term used specifically for durum wheat. So basically if the bran comes from durum wheat it is called "Semolina" and from other wheat varieties it is called simply "bran".

Wholegrain breads obviously come from the whole grain including the bran. Or white bread is made from flour minus the bran.

Bran from common wheat varieties (not durum) is normally used for added fibre in other products or in cereals etc.

Semolina (or durum wheat bran/grit) is used for pasta, puddings, pastries etc.

carolinagirl58's picture

motorizing a grainmill help

March 21, 2016 - 8:36am -- carolinagirl58

my Grainmaker 99 will arrive before too long and I want to figure out the motor thing pretty quickly.  I want to be able to adjust the speed.  Is that even possible?  I would like to grind flour slowly, but want the ability to speed up when I grind grain for animal feed.  Country Living sells a nice motor that I believe would work fine on a grainmaker, but it limits me to 60 rpm.  would a motor speed controller of some sort on a stronger motor do the job? thanks



Most Motorcycle Pizza's picture

Problem with the Wondermill Jr. Deluxe

March 19, 2016 - 10:25pm -- Most Motorcycle...

I bought a wondermill deluxe jr, constructed a bicycle work station, and with it i can make peanut butter and wheat flour no problem, but each time i've tried to make corn flour by grinding popcorn kernals, the mill self tightens itself to the point that it seizes up and threatens to destroy the machine if i don't pay attention.  On no other ingredients so far have i had this problem of the grinding stones self-tightening.  Do any others have a similar experience, and any recommendations and solutions? 


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