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Things that are off topic. Spam will not be tolerated.

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This isn't Google...

March 3, 2014 - 7:42am -- MarkS

I have been on a broad gamut of discussion forums for many years now. One thing that I see quite a bit, and is a pet peeve of mine, is when a question is asked and then a member "helpfully" directs the original poster to the search function or Google.

The search feature is a great tool... So long as you know what and how to ask the question in the correct format. Adding, removing or changing a single word can have a vast impact on the result. This gets even harder when you don't know what to ask.

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CHP Escort for 165-year-old Dough

February 5, 2014 - 10:13pm -- Antilope

From the Fox TV 40 website in Sacramento, CA


The Mother Dough has landed in Vacaville, complete with CHP (California Highway Patrol) escort.

First cultured in 1849, the Mother Dough is the sourdough starter created by Isidore Boudin. According to Boudin Bakery, each loaf they make uses a portion of the Mother Dough.

Part of the Mother Dough was delivered Wednesday morning to the new Boudin SF store at the Nut Tree. The dough traveled from the main bakery in San Francisco to Vacaville with a CHP escort.

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Electricity bill

January 17, 2014 - 8:06am -- Janet Yang

It's probably no coincidence that I got seriously into bread baking when my daughter went off to college. All those free hours and so much to learn; I was baking a test loaf just about every day. I expected the electricity bill to skyrocket.

Surprise: The electric bill actually went down—because my daughter went off to college. She always took such l-o-n-g showers, no matter how much we reminded her about saving energy and water. Now it's the dorm's problem, and I can bake as much as I like.


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Weight Watchers demonisation of bread

January 16, 2014 - 5:31am -- rozeboosje

One of the things that really gets my goat is how Weight Watchers demonises bread. Participants are discouraged from eating bread and a slice of bread is rated a ludicrous number of "points", also with the aim to discourage people from eating it. In the meantime, people are told they can eat equivalent portions of rice, pasta, potatoes and other starchy foods.

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Bread blog

December 26, 2013 - 1:48pm -- lfurze

Merry Christmas everyone! I've used this site a lot over the past few years since I started baking and my confidence and skills have improved a lot thanks to the recipes and advice here. I've started my own blog now to put my recipes on and it would be great if you could head over and take a look at 

Thanks for your support and happy holidays! Leon.


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