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No Knead

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No Knead

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Mini Oven

How did it taste? 

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All of it was there - taste, texture, crumb. It made me wonder why we ever knead anything. I baked it in a dutch oven and the crust was thick. Great stuff.

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What a beautiful color!


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Bet it sang to you :)

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kefir crazy

I followed a recipe here today that someone posted for no-knead bread:

1 cup mixed whole grain of your choice flour

2 cups white bread flour

1/3 cup starter mixed with enough water to equal 11/2 cup

2-1/2 tsp. salt.

They mentioned that the salt sounded like a lot but that the bread turned out great.

My husband has been the no-knead guy so I'm kind of horning in on his territory, but seems to me at times I thought his breads could have used more salt.

What is your recipe?  I'm thinking maybe too much starter in mine,...most recipes I've seen call for 1/4 cup.

By the way your bread looks gorgeous and delicious!