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SWEET sourdough burger buns recipe?

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SWEET sourdough burger buns recipe?

Some local restaurants in Houston serve their burgers with Sweet Soughdough buns. They were fantastic! Has anyone seen a recipe like this?


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Oh, yeah! I remember those sweet sourdough buns! And the burgers were good, too! There was a store in the Katy area for a couple of years; when that closed, we went to the store in Sugar Land. Somewhere on the menu there was a mention of the bakery that provided the buns. Sorry, I can't remember the name of the restaurant, much less the name of the bakery that supplied their buns.

Based on what I do remember, they were white, not whole-grain. I suspect that "sourdough" had more to do with using a locally occurring yeast in a poolish or preferment of some type, with the addition of plenty of sugar in the dough. Probably a short, warm rise, too, and maybe spiked with commercial yeast. The texture was a bit firmer than most commercially made hamburger buns, but still not as crusty or stiff as an artisanal style bread.

They sure did make a good foil for all of the savory flavors of the burgers and condiments.

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Still interested in the sweet bun?

I keep a starter on the counter and feed it by equal weight twice daily (starter/flour/water).  This starter gives me all the sour breads I love.  But there are times I like to remove all sourness and for special recipes. 


So order to get a sweet hamburger bun, danish, or sandwich bread, I take a cup of my traditional starter and feed it like a Herman starter for two feedings (once in morning and four hours before making bread).  This gives it sweet bread that isn’t as sweet an Amish/Herman starter bread and removes all the sour taste.