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Sourdough Starter Concern 2

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October 21, 2006 - 2:58am -- breadnut

Hi again,

I submitted an image yesterday "Sourdough Starter Concern" because I was concerned with the color of the starter after it's initial 48 hr creation. What I did was add equal amounts of water and flour (100g each) to that starter and left covered for 24 hrs. I looked at it today, and it did look a lot better and healthier. What I had assumed was a pinkish spot had disappeared, the color was even, the smell was a combination of alcohol and a hint of paint smell (the first thing that came to mind when i smelled it). There was somewhat of a soft crust at the top and water was at the bottom (it wasn't homogenous), so I mixed it up, discarded half of it, added another equal amount of water and flour (100g each), covered it and I'm leaving it be for the next 12 hours. I'm assuming it is pretty ok from here. If anyone sees anything out of the ordinary in the picture, or if somewhat has any comment, concern, issue or anything I should know please let me know. Thanks again, and thanks to jillhodges & PMcCool for replying yesterday. A final thanks to Floyd for this great site and all the good people here.


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Submitted by Floydm on

Could you save your images as gifs or jpegs before uploading them rather than bmps?

I've turned the two you've already uploaded into jpegs. As jpegs the files are only 5% the size as the bmp files (44k instead of 900k). That is a heck of a lot quicker for people to download. Besides, the image gallery package I'm running cannot create the thumbnail versions of the bmp files correctly, so they blow out the front page until I can fix them.

Glad to hear your starter is looking better. Speaking of which, I think I hear my starter saying "Feed me!"

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Submitted by breadnut on

You got it. Jpeg it is. Can u tell me "quickly if possible" how to go about posting multiple pics in  a forum? where do they get uploaded from, or inserted?


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Submitted by Floydm on

Yes, you can, though it isn't very easy using the image upload feature here.

What most folks have done is upload their images to PhotoBucket or Flickr first. Then they copy the URL for the image (both Flickr and PhotoBucket provide easy to copy URLs) and paste the URL into the forum post. Clicking the little tree icon on the editor and pasting the image URL into there will take care of all the HTML to make the image display correctly. You can do that as many times as you want in a single post.

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Submitted by pmccool on



Glad to hear the good news about the starter.  If the photo is any indication, you are on the right track.  Don't be surprised if it goes quiet in a day or two.  The early bubbling is caused by bacteria.  Their activity is gradually decreasing the pH of the starter, which will eventually put the bubble-producing bacteria out of commission.  When the pH gets low enough, the yeast start getting active and you will see a new round of yeast-driven froth.  It is easy to get the impression that your starter has died after the initial round of bubbling activity.  Give it a day or two or three (since every starter behaves just a little bit differently), stick with the feeding schedule, and it will reward you with lots of bubbles as the yeast kicks into gear, which is exactly what you are looking for.