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Spinach Parmaggiano Fougasse

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Spinach Parmaggiano Fougasse

Everyone in my family is HUGE fans of the Spinach Parmaggiano Fougasse that we get each week at Wegman's (my four year old being the most loyal and vocal fan... so much so that he only calls it by the name "good bread" as in, "Mom, can we get Good Bread this week?" and everyone in our family knows what he is talking about). I would love to make a version of this at home for when we run out mid-week (or mid-day... as we just went to Wegman's a few hours ago and he's already 3/4s of the way through it). It's an amazing bread that is brushed with garlic oil after it comes out the oven to cool which leaves a wonderful taste that lingers on your tongue and makes you want to eat the loaf in one sitting.

I was wondering if anyone had tried to recreate something like this before so I don't completely reinvent the wheel. If not, will just start with a basic focaccia recipe and experiment a bit from there (and keep everyone here at TFL posted!). I would also love to eventually add some whole wheat flour to the mix so that my youngest can get some extra nutrition since he's a bit of a picky eater, while still having it be a deliciously flavorfull bread.



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the fougasse that you buy, what is the consistency of the spinach?  I have a couple of great fougasse recipes

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I will take a picture and post it when I get a chance so you can see what the spinach looks like. Also there are not chunks of cheese but it's more interspersed throughout the whole loaf.

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Spinach Parmaggiano Fougasse

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Beautiful looking and I bet it is tastey!

Sylvia in San Diego

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Maybe you can try this version, only change the cheese from feta.


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sahar yassen

Beautifuli will try it

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I have tried this bread before, and it is quite delicious. Recently, I made a basil and olive fougasse and it was wonderful. If you are interested in the recipe, I would gladly give it to you.

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I haven't baked in weeks, so I wanted to make something fun today.  I made this, but with feta.  Turned out really well.  I usually use the Power flour by Pendelton, but they were out the last time I was shopping, so this is with Morebread, also by Pendelton.  The crumb picture quality is crap, but it has a very chewy consistency with decent pockets.  I'm happy with it, and the kids ate it up.  I think the cheese was enough fat content to soften the crust a little more than I like.  It just didn't have the usual 'snap' that my plain fougasse has.  But it was WAY yummy.