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Volume Recipe Request

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Volume Recipe Request

Hi, I'm new here.

 I am a chef, working in NC.  At my job, part of our daily responsibilities is roll production for 120 people. 

So far, we've been doing basic white & wheat.  I would like to get some sourdough into the mix and I'm having great difficulty obtaining a recipe for about 120 - 1.5 oz rolls.

I realize that I may need some trial & error on my part to perfect my method of prep but I would like to take advantage of others' expertise in this area before I dive in and waste precious time & money.

I am interested in making sourdough once, possibly twice a week.

 I have the space to keep a batch of dough over night.

 I also would like to speak w/ someone about starter options.  My goal is to feed as little as possible.


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I don't have any advice for you except to mention that both Hamelman's and Joe Ortiz's books include large volume recipes and discuss the issues professionals face. You may be able to find some pointers there.

Good luck.