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I'm new!! ^_^

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I'm new!! ^_^

Oi oi i'm 13 and i wanna become a far I've baked French Bread ( not the artisan kind...the one you can do at home ), white bread using soy milk so it'll taste good with miso soup, and also a little something called golden knots ( a kinda sweet roll ). I just wanted to know if theres anything i should know about this site, like for example i've been hearing people talking about starters and i have no clue what that is. anyone mind filling me in?

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Hello New Baker,

I'm so happy you joined us at this age. I'm suprised to know that you baked your french bread while you are 13 years old (WOW) :-) ...i have not made mine yet and i'm 30 years old.

This is the perfect place to start. The site is very informative and you cal also learn and watch other bakers expirements.

You have a bright future in head of you.....Happy baking.

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Starter means sourdough starter. Take a look at this article for my intro on getting one started if you are interested.

Welcome to the site. :-)

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Hi NewBaker, and welcome! I also started cooking and baking bread at a very young age. It's a lot of fun and will serve you well for the rest of your life.

I have a couple of articles posted on my Blog page (click on the Bread Blogs link in the column to the left on this page) about sourdough, as well as on the Sourdough and Starters Forum. I'm always happy to help with questions.